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  1. ⭐Can we get 1000 likes on this video?

    ⭐Watch me play LIVE here! –

  2. Parker killed darkkingxhhhh 3 times in the same game lol

  3. How is it when someone uses trickster it gets both original skin holograms and some gets blue holograms.. Can someone explain. .. Plsssss.

  4. This guy DARKKINGXXXH died three times from hands of Parker in the same game. 😀 0:56 02:41 4:51

  5. So why were you just camping in the tanko

  6. Can I Friend You ParkerTheSlayer Please Sir
    Thanks Any Way Even If You Say No

  7. is it just me who is tripping or tengu sounds very ugly

  8. im am a mp pro (i was ) but now I hate mp cause "molotov be careful" nw im BR player t

  9. I want to add you parker What is your name in codm

  10. That ak isn't an AR, it's an LMG
    70 bullets… That's incredible

  11. 0:55 awe-inspiring

  12. 1:32 trap master near the rock 😀 lucky dude

  13. Parker can you help me 😅 i cannot acces my customized weapon in BR no matter what i do yes ive equipped the m4 in the loadout

  14. Parker: Which one do I fight?

    Me: Which way do I run?

  15. Did anyone notice there was a trap master 😂🤣

  16. I like the way how parker play. The aiming and shooting

  17. can somone make a gun with super low recoil how painfull the gun is 🙂

  18. I really want to know how he did his ak-47 class right there,DAMN I want that no recoil ak-47!!!

  19. Is this in rookie tier??? 🥴😐

  20. Its a trick to kill a tanker from nova gas

  21. Parker is a real pro🌐he motivates me can someone Honestly tell me if my GAMEPLAY good or not 💯

  22. 2:16 how dare he encounter a savage player and also with a pistol😂😂

  23. Type 25 is really insane but not like ak47 even yanrique likes it but it is a little hard to handle it is more powerful when updated 😉😃 in gunsmith

  24. Why didn't he switch seats to to shoot em with the machine gun mounted on the tank 😐

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