Who takes over in North Korea if Kim Jong Un dies? | DW News

Kim Jong Un’s health has been the subject of speculation around the world, but North Korean media has remained silent about the leader. Reuters news agency has reported that China has sent a delegation of senior doctors advise on Kim’s health, and that he’s recovering from a heart operation. Satellite images now appear to show his private train at the coastal resort town of Wonsan.


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  1. I can hear the coffin dancers song faintly coming towards North Korea😶

  2. I will be a leader of North Korea. Kim is my best friend.

  3. Update me when hes gone

  4. Im waiting for that day

  5. His on quarantine to his house..

  6. Me. Cuz the dead guy is my stunt double.

  7. nobody cares about kim jong un

  8. I feel if the leader of North Korea died the country would fall apart. People would rush to escape North Korea. This country would just shut down. There would be no law and order. I mean who would want to stay in a country where its illegal to visit your own relatives without permission

  9. A "Re-education" camp in North Korea forced a mother to drown her child because the kid wouldn't stop crying!

  10. America assassinated him and replaced him with a clone

  11. you know i think i felt pity for him

  12. North Korea government : We are here to announce, sadly, Our Leader has passed away yesterday.

    Citizen of North Korea :
    FinalFuckingly… FinalFuckingly…
    We can have YouTube, Facebook , Instagram and even TikTok.

    The whole nation went into chaos of party….

  13. We should Nuke him to make sure

  14. Bet pery for Kim To Dies =/

  15. Well let's hope for the best but unfortunately there's the possibility he might be still alive. 😰😰

  16. Kim john dos of course

  17. Careful talking bad about the leader Kim Jong-un in the comments he’ll find you & force u in a labor camp

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