What has Covid-19 taught Singapore about sustainability | Desmond Lee – Green Pulse Podcast Ep 30

Minister for National Development Desmond Lee speaks with ST’s environment correspondent Audrey Tan on his vision for a City In Nature in this episode.

The economic fall-out from Covid-19 and the looming threat of climate change has nudged sustainability up the agendas of many economies around the world. Singapore too is looking for ways to become more sustainable. 

But in a country as densely built as Singapore is, what would sustainability look like?  

They discuss the following points: 
0:48 – What has Covid-19 taught us about sustainability?
3:05 – How the National Development Ministry intends to champion sustainability in the built environment.
8:32 -The importance of changing not just infrastructure, but also mindsets in the sustainability drive.
10:50 – Technological tools to help plan for better sustainability in early-stage flat designs

Listen to Green Pulse’s Pt 2 of Desmond Lee interview:

Produced by: Audrey Tan (audreyt@sph.com.sg) & David Fogarty (dfogarty@sph.com.sg) & Ernest Luis

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