What happens if Kim Jong-un dies and what is his current health?

Rumours surrounding North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s declining health or even death have been heavily downplayed by South Korea, whose President said yesterday “Kim Jong-Un is alive and well”.

Rumours have been circulating for weeks that the North Korean leader may have fallen seriously ill, after he failed to attend an important celebration to mark the birthday of the founder of his country and grandfather, Kim-Il-sung.

Kim Jong-un hasn’t been seen in public for over 2 weeks, and several theories have appeared as to why. A former official with links to the Worker’s Party of North Korea told a South Korean newspaper Kim Jong-un may have been badly hurt during recent missile tests. Other reports claim senior sources in Bejing say he died after failed heart surgery conducted by Chinese doctors who were sent to the country on 12th April, or another report suggests an operation to insert a stent went wrong because the surgeon’s hands were shaking.

Kim Jong-un is severely obese and a heavy smoker, which has further fueled rumours of his ill health.

However, these have all been strongly denied by South Korea’s intelligence services, who say they have seen no uncommon actively in the North which might suggest their Supreme Leader had died.

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  1. Wonder what's really happening?

  2. i wouldnt wish this on my worse anime i would love to see him died on camera slowly like who kills there brother

  3. Kim Jong-Un will soon be in Hell, paying with pain for an eternity for all the pain he caused others. Woe to him! God is just. Praise God Almighty!

  4. His wife is really pretty. She has a kind look.

  5. Kim: DIES

    Americans and Donald Trump: YES YES YES

  6. Kim Jong Un: Dies
    Donald Trump: Initiate party protocol.

  7. we can call him Kim Jung "ILL"

  8. Can he die already-

  9. Im waiting for that day

  10. 0:13
    he turned from kim jong un to
    kim jong ill

  11. This is his clone no way so many people got it wrong that he died

  12. How did I get from doing homework to this

  13. Ah…… I love the attention.

  14. Now all they need is a crane and a grand piano box to bury his fat ass

  15. How possibly could this box headed, obese, bafoon blubber blunder boy have expected anything other than a never-too-soon-enough early death? Could he actually be so deluded, busy woofing down trays of bacon fat fried sausage sandwiches, to realize nobody survives that diet any longer than 25 years?

  16. Man probably fell on one of his nukes

  17. I think he overdosed on Swiss cheese.

  18. we're on a steady path to getting our first female dictator, thanks feminism!

  19. Kim Jong Un dies=independent

  20. Kim Jong-un is now Kim Jong very ill.

  21. Why has this story completely gone away for an entire week..?
    Nothing in recent days in any media…what gives?
    As an aside…
    My personal belief is South Korea is playing this extremely close to the vest.
    Which explains why they are effectively repeating what the North is officially proclaiming.

  22. Kim Jong un, He is fake man!!!

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