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  1. Welcome to Malacca Singapore

  2. Here in Singapore and this scene keeps popping up in my head while I'll say "welcome to Singapore" all the damn time

  3. welcome to singapoooooo

  4. I was on a plane from Sumatra back to Amsterdam and had to stop in Singapore for 12 hours. The entire time I was there I had this scene in my head.

  5. Could not get welcomed to a better country!

  6. Youre right about the lack of chinese people or culture in singapore in the 1700, like shown in the movie. There were pernakans, but nothing like what is shown in the movie.

    But it was known as Singapura. There was never a kingdom of temasek. Even when it was known as temasek in the past. Temasek/Singapore was never its own kingdom. It was either part of the riau island sultanate or the johore sultanate.

  7. From the 14th century, the island has also been known as Singapura, which is derived from Sanskrit and means "Lion City". Legend has it that the name was given by Sang Nila Utama when he visited the island in 1299 and saw an unknown creature, which he mistook as a lion.

  8. Singapore actually born on 40 to 50 years ago, before that island including in state of Malaysia named "termasik", too much Malaysian people leaving there, there no Chinese culture like in this movie, in this movie show this situation around year 1700 above maybe, there is no Singapore, no Chinese people, there is kingdom of termasik..

  9. Later the leader like…
    Siao liao… want defeat enemies MRT havent come…

  10. They should use this clip for greeting tourists in Singapore airport. LOL

  11. This is why I love youtube, search anything, no matter what, no matter how short a clip you are looking for, somebody has put it up. Thankyou kind sir.

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