We went on a creepy Singapore tour of cemetery and WWII sites | CNA Lifestyle

With Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights not happening in 2020, we decided to try a walking tour of Singapore’s lesser-known war sites, …

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  1. 1:26. The gentleman that disappeared was probably frightened by the sights of what he thought were female spirits and ran off..

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  3. Add in the intro for incredible tales and you are set

  4. Lens flares and reflections. The total IQ of the people in this video isn't more than 2 digits

  5. Lens flares and reflections. The total IQ of the people in this video isn't more than 2 digits

  6. Go to little india at late night. Even more scarier.

  7. To work as a CNA Lifestyle journalist, you're obviously gonna be a bit of a moron. So her moronic outfit here is not surprising.

  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/science-ghosts/amp

    When people sense ghosts, he points out, “They’re often alone, in the dark and scared.” If it’s dark, your brain can’t get much visual information from the world. It has to create more of your reality for you. In this type of situation, Smailes says, the brain may be more likely to impose its own creations onto reality.

  9. Wah siao y'all legit believe got ghost ah! Yo things happen due to either the environment or u r just scaring urself

  10. we shouldn't be selling these trips it's really inauspicious

  11. Your outfit scary ghost away 👻🥶😂

  12. outfit totally un-matching the occasion

  13. Something crawling in her pant

  14. 0:19

  15. Go there before at afternoon for school trip

  16. is this a trailer for something else? there isnt anything substantial…

  17. Largest Chinese graveyard outside China??

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