VIP at BTS Bang Bang Con: Q&A

I answer your questions about Bang Bang Con, Jungkook, BTS, and Kpop in general. What a fun weekend with BTS since our concerts are all postponed. How are you watching?
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  1. A lot of people think they’re too cool for Kpop or Asian pop.

  2. Why do you like Asian culture so much?

  3. You should react to jungkook's flexibility and martial arts talent, you would love it.

  4. What is the blood sweat tears instrumental at the very beginning??? 🙂

  5. 미국 헐리우드 연예인중에서도 미인이세요 항상
    영상에서 즐거운 모습은 정말 예쁘세요
    건강하시고 행복하세요

  6. 제시카 한글자막 너무 감사합니다

  7. 당신이 원한다면 아직 당신이 모르는 놀랍고 멋진 KPOP 동영상을 내가 안내해 줄수 있어..나는 수만개의 동영상을 보았기 때문입니다.

  8. I’m just watching this but like…you CAN’T tell me 정국 ain’t lurking on these videos. On his stan account??? 넘준 account??

  9. You should be the Alabama's box!! ^^

  10. 신라면…일본기업제품입니다.

  11. it's not the Bang in Big Bang. Its actually the 방 in PC Bang.

  12. 어떻게 여기 한국인 찾기가 어렵지..? 흠..

  13. You just too cute and too sexy 😘

  14. need me some of those poki sticks too

  15. Sooooo cute when you speak korean. Your pronunciation is really good. Keep trying!! Way to go girl!

  16. When you have time please review "Learn Korean with BTS" App by touching from official Store. Thank you so much.

  17. IU, Jungkook's ideal type, has released a new music video. It's made with Suga.

  18. Jessica please react to jungkook cover yesterday on Twitter "Never Not

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