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Whenever anyone says, “ Wow ! You play so many instruments ! How did you learn ?, ” I much say : “ by and large, I taught myself ! ” certain, I had many inspiring musicians around me to talk with and to learn from – but except for the violin, I have never taken any consistent conventional lessons on any of the instruments I play. basically, I learned to play most instruments on my own. Over the years I have taught myself the piano, the guitar, and many other instruments to be able to play with them in bands & music groups. Combined with the fact that I am a violin teacher and violinist for 16+ years, I feel I have valuable information to share on how you can go about learning the violin on your own.

indeed, what were my tricks ? How did I learn indeed many instruments on my own ? And how can you go about learning the violin by yourself ? There ’ s no getting away from the fact that it takes a long time and a lot of personal dedication. Anyone who says you can learn the violin in merely a few months is lying. You might be able to play a simple tune after a agile crash course with a violin teacher, but it won ’ thymine be enough to join a jam school term, play in an orchestra or even play along with a recording without scratching and squeaking. ( If you ’ d like to see what you could realistically learn as an adult founder in 1-5 years of playing the violin with video recording examples, you might like to read my article “ How long Does it actually Take to Learn the Violin ? ” ).

The key to learning to play any instrument well, including the violin, is to throw yourself into the deep end. During the prison term I made the most advance, I practiced every day, about all my friends were musicians and basically, music was the center of my whole life for a while. As a young girl, I created lists in my diary of how a lot I had practiced which musical instrument to discipline myself to practice more. It was difficult sometimes, to practice new instruments and compare myself with all the amazing musicians I had around me. But I besides believe it was vital to my success because it was a constant reminder that I needed to drill. One thing that was extremely helpful in learning new instruments, is that I slowly develop ways to practice that worked for me and helped me to learn a new instrument more promptly. so, this is my personal advice to learn the violin by yourself, which includes all the strategies I used and proved to be very helpful to me .

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