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How to Play Pickleball

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Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA, in part because it has a identical short learning curve. Watch this video for an introduction on how to play Pickleball .

The Court

Pickleball is played on a rectangular 44 ’ by 20 ’ court. The woo is divided into two sides by a low net.

There are two sidelines ( orange lines ), two baselines ( orange lines ), a centerline on each slope ( blue lines ), deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as two non-volley lines ( white lines ), which creates an area dearly called the “ Kitchen ” in Pickleball .
The concentrate line divides each side into two service courts, the leave serve court and the right avail motor hotel. This allows players to know where to serve the musket ball and where to stand when serving .


Matches are played best two games out of three. Each game is played to eleven points, win by two. Or if you are playing one game, it is played to fifteen points, win by two .
Pickleball can be played as singles or doubles, with doubles being the most democratic. Singles and doubles are played following the same rules with slenderly different scoring methods.

How to Play
The Serve

The begin of a game begins with a serve. The player stand in the right service court is always the first server, whether at the the begin of a game or on a side-out. Before serving the server must call the score. For more information on scoring check out our Pickleball Scoring video recording .
A Pickleball serve must be hit sneaky from behind the service line intersect court into the opposing team ’ s serve court. The serve must clear the net and not land in the kitchen. Sometimes the ball will hit the net income but still land in the right serving court. This is called a permit and the waiter must redo his service until he either serves correctly, hits the musket ball into the net, or hits the ball out of bounds. If the ball hits the internet and lands in the kitchen, it is a fault .

The Double Bounce

An authoritative rule in Pickleball is the double bounce rule. The doubling bounce rule says the ball must bounce once on each side before either team may start volleying the ball in the air .

The Return of Serve

The player returning the service must let the ball bounce before returning it to the opposing team ’ s side in either service court.


A singular but important view of Pickleball is the non-volley zone, besides known as the Kitchen. Players may not hit the ball while standing in the kitchen unless the ball has already bounced on their slope. Players may not step into the kitchen to volley the Pickleball. Players may not enter the kitchen on a volley flush if their momentum carries them into the zone .


In Pickleball mistakes are called faults. There are several major faults that can be made in the center of a call up .

  • Double-Bounce Rule: Hitting a volley before the ball has bounced at least once on a side at the beginning of a rally.
  • The ball can bounce one time on a side before being hit. If the ball bounces more than once, it is a fault.
  • Hitting the ball out of bounds is a fault. Where the center of the ball touches the ground determines whether a ball is in or out on a line.
  • If the ball is hit into the net, it is a fault.
  • Any plays involving stepping into the kitchen to hit a volley is a fault.

The main effect of Pickleball is to hit the ball bet on and forth until person makes a mistake. It is in truth that simple. Check out our other video to learn more about the Pickleball epidemic contract over America .

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