Unboxing Lots of TinyTan and Bang Bang Con Merch!!

The unboxing didn’t go very well… The 2 packages arrived around the same time so I decided to do an unboxing of everything all at once! Most merch items …

Nguồn: https://epicentreconcerts.org/

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  1. Hi~ I just watched your video. Wanna share with you, I bought 2 mini photocards set for ON:E MD from Weverse and they are literally the same haha I'm so sad because I only bought 2. 😭😂 They really don't like to mix it up I think.

  2. I love your videos Nicole. You are so lucky to have a lot of merch.

  3. hope you can trade all the doubles!

  4. My favorites were the holographic postcards and the photo postcards. They were so cute!! I also loved your bracelet. You've been getting the best bracelets, so pretty!!

  5. You should do a giveaway for the doubles!?
    ,omg Jimin looks so good on the bigger photo cards lol

  6. I like ur unboxing videos i swear. (But i use my other acc to watch it…) Eeee i just envy u

  7. Ohhh :(( i wonder what it feels like to be a rich army

  8. I take double mini photo card too ☹️

  9. I love your Unboxing nicole🥺❤️.. I wish i would be lucky like you to have atleast 1 Merch😭🥺

  10. I love ur videos and I wish I ha one I those!!!Lots of love!!

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