Tottenham Hotspur vs Norwich City | Key Moments | Fifth Round | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Tim Krul’s penalty heroics saw Norwich City upset Tottenham Hotspur and move into the quarter-finals of the Emirates FA Cup.

Extended highlights will be live from 12pm on the channel.

Catch the highlights for all Fifth Round ties from the Emirates FA Cup here;

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  1. Extended highlights of the game and the full penalty shoot out will be live from 12pm!

  2. "Key moments" show only one PK

  3. Oh My Daddy, we need your SON.

  4. "Key moments" show only one PK

  5. Blades vs Canaries in the final? that I would love to see.

  6. Always loves Tim Krul. Such an underrated goalkeeper.

  7. Always loves Tim Krul. Such an underrated goalkeeper.

  8. Let's all take a moment to laugh at spurs 😂😂😂

  9. 1:20 Lucas had to pass the ball to Dele Alli, thats what Spurs are lacking without Erikson.

  10. Whats the point of a linesman watching the keepers not getting off their lines when they obviously doesnt see krul was off his line on every penalty?

  11. I blame Lucas Moura for this loss , If he had passed to his team mate who had an open goal, it would have been a different story .

  12. 0:30 I gotta look pretty for the freekick. They got the camera on me now?

  13. Yes! Tim Krul! Watch the longer version, he actually made many other big saves.

  14. What's the logic in showing like 6 different replays of a missed chance and not a single one of the goals?

  15. Sack mourinho,he is man utd fann

  16. "Key moments" show only one PK

  17. Absolutely amazing how the Norwich players run the length of the pitch to their own fans after winning

  18. The cheat sheet though 😂😂😂

  19. Like if Tim Krul is better than De Gea

  20. How to get free packs on FIFA 20 ->

  21. Emirates cup maybe time for goalkeeper to raise

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  23. sonny FC 4defeated after sonny injured

  24. Nice of spurs to build norwich such a nice stadium to celebrate in

  25. Non capisco: il rigore finale non era da ripetere? quando Gedson ha calciato, Krul aveva già i piedi appoggiati saldamente oltre la linea.

  26. Can save all penalties in the world, still getting relegated 😂😂😂

  27. And the Tottenham slide into footbal oblivion continues.

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