Too Hot To Handle – The Most WTF Moments

Too Hot To Handle is one wild reality show. Here’s some of the wildest, most outrageous moments.


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Too Hot To Handle – The Most WTF Moments

On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there’s a twist. To win a $100,000 grand prize, they’ll have to give up sex.


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  1. Katya I've had it with the heterosexuals.

  2. they're acting to be that stupid right ?

  3. I want all the girls number

  4. I lost 100 thousand dollar while I was watching that show

  5. What in the world. How is this so difficult lolol. I must be born in another world.

  6. And Chloe made my day. I find her Hilarious.

  7. Chloe be looking like a tangerine

  8. I haven't till understand what they are showing?


  10. Theres some …… in these house . Cardi B

  11. 😂😂😂😂😂haley and franchesca😪😪😪

  12. Harry look like Australian cricketer Marcus Stoinis😄

  13. I‘m I the only one who ships

    What is a good shipping name for David an Harry? Darry? Harid? 😂

  14. „Should have knocked one out yesterday“

    -David, 2019

  15. Hayley might be negative but she spoke more then Nicole lol

  16. Ihate that chloe was talking shit about Fran but it’s not her fault that every guy likes her like shut up that’s why ur but -10

  17. Lydia to the rescue was 🥺🥺

  18. David sleep talking was one of my favorite moments , that was fucking hilarious 🤣

  19. I was so happy when Haley was repelled
    Also when Kori was expel

  20. Carry bhai zindabad 🤣🤣

  21. That price means nothing since they got paid by joining the show.

  22. i think lana should have lana del reys voice

  23. ישראלים תפגינו נוכחותתת

  24. 3 words: Oh! My! God!

  25. pfft sharron at 2:14 is the cutest thing ever
    4:42 – me too chloe.. me too.


  27. Hayley was the worst person on there ,she is just rude and stupid

  28. Anyone else think Haley’s a fucking bitch

  29. chloes little dumb character she created for herself is so annoying like she's trying so hard to be dumb and it's stupid . apart from that she was so jealous of francesca

  30. "What's that word for when you have hope? um.. uuhh um.. a loophole?"

  31. I just LOVE Jesus 😂😂😂😂❤️

  32. LOL Chloe keep saying woman empowerment but it doesn't show. She just jumped on the guys and running after the hotter ones cuz she don't like "good guys". She's just skinny & average looking I understand why Kori doesn't want to lead her on lol.
    Her getting played by Kori which is retrospect was just her KARMA for how things went down with the "good guys", which I found funny bcos it's like she justified leading them on BUT the moment someone did it to her, or even with the Francesca situation, she immediately played VICTIM as if she was one to talk or innocent. She just got a taste of her own medicine & couldn't handle it is all.
    And why she acts dumb & annoying on the show when she acts smart in all of her interviews & ig stories. Idk what her personality is lol

  33. I love a man long hair. I'm so sad when he gone out of this show

  34. Is another rule that the guys can never put shirts on?

  35. wait, they never invite charlie harper to this show!

  36. chloe, sweetie, no. 2:48 stop blaming the girl, BLAME THE GUY, he's the one who requested the date

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