39 thoughts on “Too Hot to Handle Star Francesca on Dating Celebrities & Her Relationship With Diplo (Exclusive)

  1. The interview was a bit uncomfortable and its was a bit wired. They where like only taking about the men Frankie dated who are famous WHEN SHES ALREADY WITH HARRY!

  2. Don’t really get the hype about her sorry,her personality seems cool but looks wise all I see is fake lips and fake boobs.🙄

  3. Laura: So how does [Diplo] feel about you being on the show?
    Francesca: (he doesn't…? But I'm going to give an answer to be polite) Um…yeah, I think he's… supportive?

    It's really too bad that interviews get overshadowed with things from the past that have nothing to do with their latest accomplishment.

  4. Omg this is so cringey 🥴

    at the end when she’s like “who have you met? Who have you met?” 🤢🤮

  5. Why ppl find her attractive blows my mind . Her Botox lips look like slippers 😩. Only time I found her attractive was when she had no make up on . Hope she don’t inject her lips again . She was also manipulative

  6. Super classy for Francesca not to drop a celebrity’s name! Good job to her, she clearly is ready to move on to her relationship with Harry

  7. I don't understand this trend of lip fillers. These people don't get it that it's not about big lips, it's more about the shape of your lips according to your face. Bigger lips doesn't look good on everyone. Pretty stupid! Be you!

  8. If you compare her looks from a couple of years ago with now, and all the surgeries you really get the feeling she wanted to be famous without having any talents at all. Something like the canadian Kim Kardashian.

  9. Francesca is attractive don't get me wrong, but god she has the dullest personality ever. I cannot imagine her being fun on a night out.

  10. Ew Can the reporter stop talking about these other famous people ??? Like knock it off… does she wanna bang diplo??

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