Tom and Jerry the Gene Deitch collection episodes review

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  1. Gene deitch nie premna zla vsak😊

  2. Buddies Thicker Than Water: ABSOLUTEY GARBAGE

  3. My thoughts
    Switchin Kitten: Weird and a bad tone
    Down and Outing: The Worst Classic Tom and Jerry episode EVER
    It’s Greek to Meow: Great
    High Steaks: Garbage
    Mouse into space: Decent
    Landing Stripling: Horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd worst in the era
    Calypso Cat: Great
    Dicky Moe: Freaking garbage
    The Tom and Jerry cartoon kit: Great!! My 2nd favorite in the era
    Tall In the trap: ehhh ok
    Sorry Safari: mediocre
    Buddies thicker than water: my favorite in The era!!!!
    Carmen Get It: Great episode

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