TITIPO S2 EP22 l Diesel and the Baby Cars l Train Cartoons For Kids | TITIPO TITIPO 2

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Diesel was surrounded by baby cars when he returned. Baby cars rushed to see Diesel the cargo train and said that they have never seen such a big and nice train. Diesel feels good about the sudden interest in the baby cars, so he asks the baby cars if they would like to go where the heavy trains work…

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Executive Producer: JONG-IL CHOI / Chief Producer: EUN-KYUNG SUNG / Producers: AREUM-SAEMINA LEE, HYE-JIN MAENG, DONG-JIN SHIN, YE-KYUNG YOO / Screen Writers: JONG-IL CHOI, JONG-IK WON, KYO-HEE KUM, DA-BEEN LIM, JI-HYOUNG HAN, KYUNG-MIN DO, JI-HYE SONG, YOO-JONG SHIN / Storyboard Supervisors: CHAN HEO, SAE-MI CHEON / Storyboard Artists: MIN-CHUL CHOI, HYEON-MYEONG CHOE, CHAE-WOO JO, MIN-HEE JANG / Conceptual Designers: JUN-SEOK KWON, HYE-WON LEE, MIN-JUNG KIM, MIN-JE CHUNG // Animation Production By Studio GALE / Head of Production: CHANG-HWAN SHIN / Animation Supervising Directors: DAE-WON LEE, JUNG-WOO RYU / CG Supervisors: GIL-TAE KIM, JONG-WHAN KIM / Line Producers: SU-JUNG JIN, JI-WON AHN / Character/ Background Designers: JI-EUN KANG, YOUNG CHOI, YEMI WOO, MI-KYUNG JUNG, DA-HYUN KIM, HYANG-LIM KIM, JI-YOUNG CHOI / Modeling Supervisor: SOO-WON HONG / Modelers: YOUNG-HOON JANG, JE-JUNG LEE, KYUNG-SUB MIN, SEUNG-HYEOK JO, KO-EUN LEE / Animation Supervisor: KWANG-MIN LEE / Animators: HYUNG-JUN NAM, SO-YOUN CHANG, DONG-GUN KIM, CHAE-RIN YEO, SUN-YOUNG LIM, WON-JIN CHOI, JOUNG-SON YOON, HAN-SUP WOO, DONG-HON KIM / Supervising Technical Director: JUN-HO CHOI, HEE-SEONG KIM / Riggers: JI-HOON JUNG, JI-HO PARK / Lighting & Compositing Artists: JAE-SUNG CHOI, TAE-HWAN NOH, YOUNG-ILL KIM, HYUNG-CHUL KIM, JONG-HO MOON, HA-BIN PARK, DA-YAE KANG / FX Artists: BYUNG-SU KIM, HEE-JIN YOON / Additional Production Support by FELIX Animation, ROOT Animation, WESTO // Cast: Titipo – NANCY KIM, Genie – DAMI LEE, Diesel – MICHAEL YANTZI, Loco – ANNA PAIK, Xingxing – SARAH YEIN PARK, Teo – JASON LEE, Jenny – BOMMIE CATHERINE HAN, Eric/Setter – LEO JEHN, Manny/Craney – JOHN LEE, Narration/Fix/Berny – MATT ANIPEN, Mr. Herb/Lift – JOSH SCHWARTZENTRUBER, Steam/Danny – MIKE YANTZI, Tayo – DAMI LEE, Rogi – JASON LEE, Gani – ALEXIS SONG // Music By: JUNG-AH KIM / Theme Songs Composed By: TAE-JIN KIM, JANG-KOOK CHOI, JUNG-AH KIM, JOO-HYUN YOON (SUPER TEMBER) / Theme Songs Lyrics Writer: JONG-IL CHOI / Theme Songs Vocals: BOMMIE HAN, KI-YEON KWON, SI-ON NOH, SI-YOUNG NOH, HYUN-SEO CHOI, SO-MYUNG AHN / Sound Effect Editors: JEE-HEE KIM, SOO-KYUNG KIM / Recording & Mixing: HEE-JOONG KANG, YOO-JUNG BOO (POPES) / English Translation: ANI100 / English Casting & Dialogue Directing: ANNA PAIK

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