This blue zone made my hands sweaty | PUBG Mobile

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  1. why you change your accent to indian 😂

  2. I like how u get in the blue zone to get cover

  3. U inspired me to use shotgun in livik

  4. Underrated wtf bro!!!!

  5. i always love your video 👍❤️

  6. This type of skill i want to watch

  7. Im a new fan but now i like your videos than levenho and sevou

    No hate im also fan of them😊

  8. Which device you're using. ….
    BIG FAN ❤

  9. What is that device maybe i can kill many if i used that too

  10. 13:18 music name plZ

  11. I just accidentally find your YouTube channel then I subscribed how fast as I can HARVEY TAMOT TO. NANOOD AKO NG LIVE MO SA FB♥️♥️

  12. Nice dude, your id plz

  13. Big fan here since you post " when there is a chick on you team part 4" 👌💞 keep it up!

  14. lodi tittle ng music?

  15. oh my god! hold my breathe pls..100% lit pro player

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