THE WEEKND'S NEW ALBUM FOR BELLA HADID: When A Cheater Wants Another Chance | Shallon Lester

#TheWeeknd released his new album After Hours and XO fans think it’s a tribute to on/off girlfriend Bella Hadid! I’ll break down the truth behind the headlines …


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  1. shallon I just wanted to say as of last night I am finally free from my abusive relationship I’ve never felt so free and it’s only been 24 hours I took him back SO many times , everyone please stop taking these trash people back it’s easier said than done but I promise it gets better 💕

  2. I love your sense of humor

  3. this guy actually disrespected her in his songs and the sad fact is that Bella is way out of his league

  4. omg your points are so valid

  5. 8:34 "are they ABLE to execute that" nice.

  6. Uhh that’s kinda rude you assume all rappers become rappers just for hoes and that he’s a rapper just cause of his ethnicity, he’s very clearly a singer

  7. I really don't like Bella, I think her mother is awful , she has grown in a stupid and superficial world. Honestly I will feel bored if I have to go to a Victoria's secret fashion show 🤢

  8. “Sometimes we are banging our fists on a block of Ice that we think is a man.” 😔🥺😢😭

  9. Also, Abel didn't cheat. He broke up with her before he dated Selena

  10. This video seems sort of outdated now with the information we have that it was Selena who was on his mind all along.

  11. Seeing this video after a guy wrote a song about me and god, it sucks to be in this situation. Imagine how bella felt when he released the album…

  12. I love you you r so funny and real girl

  13. “The fuck boy who’s in love with you” fucking slapped me in the face. Like damn, ur right

  14. Your audio capture device is low quality :/

  15. The Weeknd is not a rapper. 😏

  16. Abel said in some new songs like Over Now and Smile that he needed drugs to love Bella and he seems to really be over with her. I don’t think she’s completely over him tho and i don’t she ever will be

  17. That color analogy at the end was so good! So true.. Xx

  18. I think he is over now !
    I really admire his talent and she will find a better person 💗

  19. Ok but Abel is not cheater, you can't tell that lmao 😐

  20. Am I the only one that doesn’t think he’s good looking????

  21. A lot of people cheat because there is a lack of communication based on something missing within the relationship. No excuse, but a basic understanding of relationships within the larger paradigm of sociology. A lot of selfishness in a lot of the songs 😆 I laughed so hard when you nailed that point. We always have hope for the underdog don’t we?

  22. 8:33 lmaoooo i bursted out laighing hearing "are they ABEL?" even though you didnt mean for it that really got me man lol

  23. I'm here for the bad singing videos!

  24. Weekend.
    Nope NOT A RAPPER.
    implying jealousy? Bella

    YOU don’t change cheats or anybody.

  25. This is so real that it made me sick to my stomach. Damnnn deep stuff.

  26. This is not difficult Bella was kinda a groupie in not a literal sense but she is an XO girl she was a fan of this man before she even turned 18 she would tweet his lyrics back in 2013/14 when she was just a teen than becuase of GIgi she finally met the love of her life and he was interested in her too she kinda was not famous too so he kinda put her on to most the world and she obviously started modeling seriously in 2015. Not to mention he was her first love so thats 3 components right there she was a fangirl, She got famous because of him and he keeps her relevant and name on the news websites think about it only time we mention Bella is because of Abel you can't even think of her without thinking of him, and he was her first thats impossible to overcome at her young age of 23 when she gets older she will be able to forget about him

  27. When I heard her saying he’s a rapper I realized I was watching bullshit & cut off the video

  28. Shallon I enjoy your content so much. Your funny and real and honest about things. Your my favourite Youtuber. 😘🤩🙂

  29. are they ABEL to execute that?

  30. The funny thing is that I had extremely matching relationships with my girlfriend and what?.. She's been superfan of the weeknd. Lol
    Manipulating, come back please, you are unique, you are my special, but I will cheat on you, with my ex, don't you mind? Because I'm HEARTLESS

  31. You are insanely funny and incredibly intelligent!

  32. I love how some talk about other lives and think tey know everything 🤣🤣

  33. You’re kind of making rash judgements about two ppl you don’t even know

  34. Shallon, you may sing badly if you goose whisper. I love your goose whisper!! It’s cute and hilarious. I appreciate this in lockdown

  35. The last time you did a video about Bella and weeknd you said you never heard about him. That he was a nobody and that Bella was to big for him.

  36. A woman who's cheated on every boyfriend she had roasting a man for cheating. Ok.

  37. A grow women dating boys is not acceptable she talks about how young she likes them SICK PUPPY 🤬

  38. after this i felt like she literally gave me a one to one advice session <3

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