15 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Shallon Lester and Mental Health

  1. Response and repost:
    Bu dushunce terzini basha dushmurem, amma fikrimi deyim. Men mene maragli olan fikri, mene maragli olan formada ifade edirem ki, kime MEHZ BU maraglidi, gelib baxsin. Hech kese maragli deyilse, hech kes baxmasin. Ozum Youtube'da neye baxiramsa, ne ile maraglaniramsa, o tip content hazirlamag isteyirem. Bu en birinci novbede, menim ozumuchundu. Meni izleyenleri chox deyerlendirirem, amma size maragli olan content hazirlamiramsa, uzrlu sayin ve baxmayin. Chunki heqiqeten de, 6 il evvel olan insan deyilem. Dogrudan da, 6 il Amerikada yashamag ister istemez bir az deyishir maraglari da, zovqu de. Tebii ki, demirem hansisa o birisinnen ustundu. Gorduyunuz kimi, neche ildi aktiv deyilem. 15-18 yashinda da deyilem artig, maraglarim ve meqsedlerim deyishib. Shexsi heyatimda ise meni tanimirsiz, nece, kimle, ne haqqda danishiram – o bashqa movzudur.

  2. I agree with you soo much! I was watching the whole bashing Shallon Lester video flow throughout that period and what got my attention was actually this whole thing started when she made a video on Ellen. And since Ellen has so much power and influence everyone went nuts over her calling out Ellen a psychopath. I love both Ellen and Shallon. And I was also very surprised and couldn’t believe much the allegations. But right now, we see more and more people coming out and accusing her of being not the “nice” persona that she has created on her show but the opposite very toxic and abusive.
    Lastly, I love your personality and your channel and what you do. I remember seeing you on the stage of Rihanna’s Baku concert. Don’t pay attention to those nasty comments. They are just haters.
    PS. I’m Anvar’s cousin. I think you guys studied together in Baku 🙂

  3. You make a very valid point here…good stuff. By the way, you might be entertained by these two options. A short film about abuse – or a very highly sensual poetry series – . peace be unto you!

  4. Ay Guli xanım, İnstaqram profilində followerlərinizin 97 faizi Azərbaycanlılardır. Burada da rəy yazanların 80-90 faizi. Bəs İngilis dilində kimin üçün danışırsınız? Türklər demiş, bu artizliyin kime? 🙂

  5. Yes a shallow is pro take responsibility of your actions. But when she was called out on her obsessive lives, manipulation and unhealthy desire for minors she blamed her actions on mental health. She does the same things she accuses people of doing. She has no right to judge and make assumptions about the life’s of people she has never met before. How do you call somebody that you have never met and that does not know your mortal enemy . It’s just not right. I saw through her after watching two videos that she made

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