THE TRUTH ABOUT CAMILA CABELLO’S RACIST TUMBLR PAST: How To Apologize For Past Mistakes | Shallon @Shawn Mendes @Camila Cabello
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#CamilaCabello issued an apology for her racist tumblr posts but has been silent on the issue of ex Fifth Harmony bandmate Normani being bullied by racists. Is Camilla’s apology totally fake and for PR…just like her romance with #ShawnMendes? I’ll break down the apology and tell you how to move on from a scandal! #shallonlester

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  1. Raise your hand if you think shawn will wait a few polite weeks then dump her? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

  2. A lot of stuff moulds how a person acts, that can be to a certain age. I assume that Camila wasn’t really a serious kid and I can TELL that she was a lighthearted teenager just from seeing her through the years. I had said many racist remarks in my past which I deeply regret and apologize for. I’m also 14 and the whole situation makes me physically uncomfortable now. I just wanna clear up that I never ever thought that people of colour every deserved less though. I never agreed with how N word was used in a malicious way. Although it’s still just as bad and I just wanted to let you guys know. So I grew up watching vine and all that other stuff, like king Bach and that. As I grew up watching this they’d mention the ‘n word pass’ in some of them. Now to me as a kid, this didn’t seem so bad to me. I also don’t live in a house with ‘good’ authority figures. My older brother is blatantly racist (and won’t change for anything) my mother is unknowingly racist (probably does know but doesn’t really care) and my father is probably just as bad as my mother. I only recently realised how bad I was really acting. Now that’s saying something, because I was THIRTEEN when I stopped saying these things. I really do apologise for this, but I can see why Camila probably said said those things. I obviously don’t approve of it, it was very stupid of her. But I’m trying help some of you see that I don’t think she was being blatant and hateful when she said that stuff. I never ever said what I said maliciously and I don’t believe it’s impossible that she changed. Again I assume Shawn Mendes did the same type of things from what I’ve read (although I haven’t caught up on his stuff so I won’t really speak on that) Back to Camila, I know her apology wasn’t the best and was quite lazily put together but I think at some point her social media was taken over by her team. Which means she didn’t get to write that apology, it’s the same with fifth harmony when they took a hiatus (I assume it got a few things changed by their team) now Camila’s social media’s are all taken over by her team and I don’t doubt Camila probably wanted to say a proper apology but her team definitely tweaked what she said because they wouldn’t just let her make a statement like that. I did stop listening to her for a while but I did choose to understand her situation. I also don’t think anyone likes the title ‘Racist’, I certainly didn’t because I took being racists as saying things in a hateful way towards a race and I didn’t agree with hating on people. Anyway I know this probably won’t look good at all. I know it looks like I’m trying to defend her actions, but I’m not, I’m trying to defend her immaturity (which can last for a long while, I’ve seen it first hand) Anyway thanks for listening to my rant. I’m truly sorry if this does offend anyone because that’s definitely not my intention, I just know it’s hard to understand and forgive, which you don’t need to do but I also hate seeing others hate on her when she should actually be punished with something. I never believe in hating on someone as a solution. Again, I am sorry for the things I’ve said in the past. I haven’t found a direct person I could apologise to but hopefully someone could find it in their heart to accept mine.

  3. To be honest I really didn't know that the n-word can cause racism. I'm asian I'm 12 y.o… When I saw this I was confused at first because I thought the n-word is a word that is usually used in raps….. But after all my searchings I slowly understood all of it……

  4. Well okay? But You are also racist so LMAO I don't see a logic there

  5. Hate will never trump hate. Sending Love ❤️

  6. The tumblr wasn’t a mistake. Stepping on someone’s shoe is a mistake.

  7. Didn’t Shawn make racist comments too?

  8. Camila is creative in her music, but she acts so privileged. She's not unbelievably talented, she's not unbelievably beautiful. She's rude and racist. I'd say more words but YouTube would disable her account.

  9. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello ad both racist

  10. ¿Shallon sayd she never used the n word in her life but shw wrote it in her book?

  11. 16:55 …5 months in the future, considering what's going down- this is kind of eerie


  13. She was raised that way. For her to message that way on social media in that age, she’s already grown to know what is right and wrong. She is a racist and just apologize for her image because she got caught.

  14. I do think it was wrong for her to re-post those things. I'am a black girl(ok a little mixed). You have made a good point in this vid, i totally agree with: If the N word is really that bad it should not be used especially in songs. Thinking back, Camila especially was going to a rap phase, she was constantly rapping(look in the 5H early years).In my book her apology is good with me. Again,rappers ,black rappers use this word frequently in their rap.

  15. this is super late, but as a hispanic myself, there is plenty of racism against people whose skin is even just a few shades darker than theirs. as an aside, camilla looks legit constipated in all her google images pics.

  16. The fact that I supported her makes me ashamed of myself

  17. Is just ridiculous…but the African Americans are the ones who start comments and other people they have problems with, non stop comments about this racism so you start looking oh! Is true what people say like an obssesion with color tone, noses, body shapes, hair, accents and brands.

  18. Shawn also has some shady racist past. Both of them are dead to me. Bye!!!

  19. This is love I love watching you Shailon. Thank you for your support and fight against racism.

  20. You’re just sad that Shawn is never going to dump her and that you have no men

  21. Just want to say this is one of the most bullshit channels I’ve ever seen in my life and Camila is so much more important than you are and she’s a queen unlike your dumb ass stop shading celebrities and just selling fake shit about them move this stuff might be true but it was eight years ago you can get over stuff or are you too babyish to get over it

  22. This is absolutely fucking hilarious considering the position Shallon is in right now

  23. A white woman telling Black people not to say the n-word is the epitome of white privilege. Black people are NOT a monolith. To some Black people, it is derogatory and shouldn’t be said, but to other Black people, it is a term of brotherhood and sharing a similar struggle. Anyone who is not Black does not need to have opinion about the reclamation of this word- period

  24. Hey all! ❤️ You guys need to please reevaluate what you are watching and who you're being influenced by…. "the internet never forgets" as Shallon says; ironic hey, Shallon? Good luck with your therapy and finding a real job. Sorry but it's finally happening as karma is finally coming after all the toxicity you have perpetuated and you are admittedly narcissistic and dangerous.. I am relieved people are trying to shut her down.. DO THE HEALING SHALLON LIKE YOU PREACH!!

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