The Singapore Family | Full Episode | World's Strictest Parents Australia

These Aussie are sent to Singapore – one of the strictest societies in the world – to spend a week with who have tough rules and even tougher punishments. Would you spend a week with them?

▶ Full Episode – UK:
▶ That’ll Teach ‘Em – Full Episode:
▶ How Strict Parents Deal With LOVE, SEX & DATING:
▶ Teens get their bags searched:
▶ Alcohol is BANNED:
▶ Most Shocking Moments:

Think you’ve got the World’s Strictest Parents? How do they stack up against these ones? From cutting logs to walking into ponds these parents have the answer to any disobedient teen. How would you survive against the World’s Strictest Parents?


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  1. I think the rule of not having boyfriends is pretty unfair

  2. 11:58 shes legit cross eyed LOL

  3. lol Guys come on did u see his room?? 7:30 so life is like this in Asia?? over population and been squeezed up and no privacy

  4. Wow Ada is an amazing kid.

  5. I feel terrible fer Ada she should NOT be responsible for the teens she isn't the parent….

  6. ‘memphis’ sounds like an STD

  7. people in the US : names kid Sydney

    people in Aus : names kid Memphis

  8. Memphis was the most annoying kid I’ve seen on this show so far.

  9. I live in Singapore and my parents are very lenient.

  10. 18:27 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Also I would vote for there daughter for next American president not joking

  11. 7.40 is lucky I must get out of bed at 6am or 6.30am

  12. What’s with the boys haircut

  13. He looks so much better with the hair cut

  14. Love Ada,she tried to keep them out of trouble

  15. Australia looks fun as hell tho lol

  16. So called less fortunate!! Really? SO CALLED!!

  17. Ada’s so pretty and sweet🥺I feel so bad for her having to look after those two

  18. Please dont believe all Australian teens are like this, this is the results of bad parenting and creating spoilt selfish disgusting little brats you bring shame on australia

  19. I lived in Singapore for 4 years 2016-2020 so way after this was filmed

  20. Lmao at Memphis pouting at the camera 😂😂😂. I remember those days!!!


  22. Man I feel so bad for ada she was just doing her best

  23. Ada sorry mate the zoo arrived.

  24. These kids break anything I will take the mrt and wack 9 them

  25. Lmao that are being sent to the school of ah bengs

  26. jay!!!!! inbetweeners!

  27. Ada took one for the team

  28. Memphis looks like the female version of Donald Trump

  29. It doesn’t feel like they learned anything.

  30. i actually feel bad for ada she was trying so hard to convince them poor girl 🙁

  31. no-one volunteers in Australia, huh? pft.

  32. Memphis' meltdown

  33. Am I the only one who saw Memphis smile drop when she had to go to school?

  34. Memphis had an attitude the moment she got home.

  35. zaine really looking like cloud lol

  36. Memphis but looking like Donald Trump sitting in Washington D.C

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