In this video I talk about why I think Shallon thought she wouldn’t be in trouble if she lied about celebrities.

plz don’t drag me I need view and am trying to trick the algorithm. 😁
The Harsh Social Impact of the Shallon Lester Drama, PIERRE XO, shallon lester blocked me before i could get the truth out, Shallon Lester is pretending she reported me to the police, dangelowallace, Shallon Lester is WORSE than we thought… ,Angelika Oles
What Shallon Lester Reveals about our Evil, Manipulative Society, Why Shallon Lester’s Content Is Harmful & Problematic, Luke Alexander, We Need To Talk About Shallon Lester… Again, Smokey Glow

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6 thoughts on “The REAL reason Shallon Lester thought she could escape…

  1. tft she made a tasteless as fuck video about Naya Rivera's sister and the father of her child after her death is disgusting but also not surprising.

  2. Shallon has said in 2 videos that she was diagnosed by her therapist with Covert Narcissism. Lack of empathy, lies, manipulates, entitled, attention-seeking. People have commented on the videos, but it is not read or ignored. I agree with you, she will continue, but youtubers should continue outing her lack of receipts.

  3. This woman is pure evil. She has the nerve to talk crazy shit about Selena like she knows her. Selena deserves to sue her for being hateful as fuck so she can learn her lesson. Like seriously how evil does one have to be to heavily insult someone like that. So disrespectful!

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