THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TIGER KING: Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin: Evil Or Misunderstood? | Shallon

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TIGER KING: Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin: Evil Or Misunderstood? | Shallon SHOP MY QUARANTINE MUST-HAVES!


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  1. I used to work with Lions and Tigers in their natural environment and let me tell you, no way could ANY of those featured be allowed back in to the wild or be in any way rehabilitated. As there's so much craziness in the docu it makes me sad that people even thought that was a possibility because those idiot people were cross breeding inferior quality animals and I've never seen such a mess. They have degraded those once stunning creatures to things like Ligers and a whole host of crosses and none of them looked right. Doc had one of the most overweight, unfit, unhealthy looking crosses I ever saw. It made me cry. I don't care if these people try to destroy each other, carry on, but what they've done to Tigers and Lions is criminal and makes me rage. Imagine having egos's SO big that Tigers and Lions aren't good enough and bore them. They want the crazy, cross bred, enormous, white (tons of issues with whites) they want to mix and match and play God, and the resulting animals look like absolute garbage. None of them are trained in genetics, which is a specialist job, most zoos rely on it to make sure any animals bred have the best genes. These shitbags don't do any of that. Their resulting messed up animals have to be kept as pets & away from wild ones their entire lives, they are of no use to the wild. They are a hindrance. I was staggered to hear Joe Exotic manipulating some young people on his youtube channel saying in response to Carole trying to shut him down, that he was providing a valuable service & should keep his animals because he alone was keeping Tiger and Lion DNA safe so if they go extinct in the wild, he has a back up and can save the species. That is absolute lies and he knows it, his animals are a DNA pot luck disaster and a wreck and it's his doing for some extra clout. The result of that crazy mindless x breeding will mean he has to cull a LOT of cubs, for which he stays silent. It's not natural breeding. He was even proud to state he was the first person to breed a cross between big cats, by forcing them to be together alone since being cubs (in the wild they would naturally attack each other as adults / run away so as not to breed) He was proud of that. Yet there's a reason they shouldn't breed! There's a gene that prevents cubs getting too big in their own species, but when x bred that gene is missing so the cubs get far too big and suffer with all kinds of problems, inc joint issues etc. They don't stop growing basically. Joe's not alone, others are copying suit. They are doing it on purpose; Joe and Doc admitted they were in competition to get the biggest cub. Doc says he has the biggest (that mess he was feeding with a milk bottle as an adult) There's so much to say on this topic. They are assholes. And the best thing that could happen to those poor, messed up cats is that they get put down before they themselves get the chance to breed. Ugh.

  2. lol your impressions are the best.

  3. I think one of humanity’s worst evils is the mistreatment of animals in any way. So sick! Agree with all this 💯!!

  4. Animal lovers will appreciate 'Surviving Joe Exotic' on Animal Planet where Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) the team that was the show 'Wolves & Warriors' went in and rescued lots of animals, and showed the ones that made it out of GW Zoo.

  5. You can’t return tigers who have lived in captivity all their life, Shallon😐 So no, Carol is not like Doc and Joe

  6. Yasss Kween Shallon! Thou hast not done a video on BRIE LARSON????

  7. The Carol Impressions have me dead!!! It was so spot on it's jarring!!

  8. Lmao “Rock of love, Etsy jacket “ 😂 😂 😂

  9. Amazing video Shallon! And yes please do a follow up! Especially focusing on Jeff Lowe, I want to know more about him! Just the sickest documentary I’ve seen! The comment about your appearance in lockdown is also true!!! How are you doing it??! Tell us please!!! 🙌❤️

  10. From the beginning I said that I don't see any difference between Joe and Carol. The outcome for the animals is the same.. At least Joe didn't present himself as a saint. You saw straight away what he was about.

  11. such a good point on the romanticization of Joe. He's abusing animals and people are actually so stupid to want him freed.
    People are so impressionable by a colorful personality, just look at Trump.

  12. I think they’re just outright psychos 🙅🏻‍♀️

  13. "Who's prostitution hurting?? No one!!"

    Human trafficking exists. And it is indeed hurting thousands, if not millions. Let's keep that in mind before making senseless comments.

  14. Omg yr eye makeup here is beautiful

  15. -Altruism can be narcissism but I don’t care what motivate them if they donate > you got me

    -What is better on this world than animals? Nothing is better than animals > you lost me😂

  16. You joining the cast?

  17. Can you do a video on Big Ed from 90 day fiancé? 😭

  18. Didn‘t even watch Tiger King, I know it would break my heart to see all those beautiful creatures suffer in captivity, but I nevertheless loved your take on it. Thank you, Shallon.🙏🏼 Enjoy your chill time, girl!☺️

  19. Honestly, he had a mullet. Let's just stop right there.

  20. ok but shallon's carole baskin impression is spot the fuck on

  21. There are so many trolls out there that are very "jealous" of your success!!! keep it up GF. I feel like I am talking with a friend when I watch your videos. That is a complement!!

  22. Okay itsss too much info for me. Never thought in my life that poop can do SO MUCH to our life. But the one thing that blows my mind that is a person can be so narcissistic and egoistic that they feel they deserve to take somebody's life, own poeple as slavery. Yeah this is 2020's form of bondage slavery

  23. Girl yessss 🙌🏻💯💯 I’m totally on the same page as you with all of this. Love you❤️

  24. Shallon you don’t like animal abuse, but I don’t recall you ever saying your vegan 💁🏾‍♀️

  25. This video was essential

  26. Shallon i want to preface this by I mean no offence. But you point out that these people abuse animals, however you have said that you are keto. Why are the animals that you eat, different from that they abused? I just point this out because I can’t even watch this show because of the animal abuse. I’m shocked by how many people are upset about the abuse in this show but proceed to eat a steak. I personally think that it’s even worse to allow animals to dread death , and have their babies ripped from them than it is to be in a confined space , don’t you? It’s better to be consistent with values. That’s why I don’t eat meat. It’s unfair to exploit and kill animals and I hope that this show has shown people that.

  27. Shallon you're hilarious and I adore your commentary.

  28. Shallon has such a good Carole impression 😂

  29. The only guy I liked in the show was the guy they based scarface on lol

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