The Meaning of Kim Go Eun's Post on Instagram Story

thanks for watching backsound music : Ikson – Paradise.


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  1. I would think it’s just a quote that resonated with her, nothing more nothing less

  2. I really think the time has come for Korean entertainers to stop letting fans run their lives. True fans are fans of your talent and don’t need to run your lives. Just someone from the outside looking in.

  3. She's so beautiful even what she wear and very neat even loss dress pants ….any kind that she wear …always clean lmh he said one of the character in the girl she likes anything that she wear I hope and I pray for this couple even they did not admitted for being a couple for real but for my own opion I see my to eyes my heart o feel that this couple kge lmh is deeper relationship …god knows that this couple they inlove to each other lmh they protect kge from the basher… I feel that lmh he loves so much ….he protect kge…stay strong…..godbless

  4. Всегда ею любуюсь: очень милая, со своей харизмой, мировые тренды не ошиблись в выборе, даже мысленно перебирая первых красавиц ЮК, свой голос отдаю КимГоЫн, если в стране есть такая красавица, то снимаю шляпу перед этой страной, она не только прекрасна, но и талантлива, дай Бог ей здоровья, побед, удачных ролей на🇺🇦🙋🤳👍👏🥰💌 Оскара🎦

  5. Español por Favor!!

  6. Admin can you check translation and meaning before you post misleading information.

  7. "COME TO THINK OF IT, THERE SEEMS TO BE SO MANY SPECIAL THINGS THAT ARE (viewed as) NOT SPECIAL IN THE WORLD." ITS JUST A QUOTE FROM 'TEMPERATURE OF LANGUAGE ' by Lee Ki Kim. Another words small ordinary things can be special too.

  8. Traducción al español???

  9. I believe her downfall was when she did the king. And she got close to Lee Min-ho. I believe his fans is overprotective of him.

  10. Ada apa dgn My Queen 🤔🤔🤔

  11. Like there is something that makes KGE disappointed ….,

  12. Proud fan love you Ggone.👍👍👍💚💝❤️♥️💖💋💋💋💛

  13. What's the meaning for this post give me something more like feeding the hungry kids in the world I just realized Korean celebrities Focus too much on themselves who look better than the other to skinnier than the other who had more plastic surgeon than the other don't care about that

  14. So beautiful girl stay sweet and humble god bless you♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏

  15. Love u queen..i will never get tired seeing your beautigul smile and face.

  16. What do you mean by that words miss kim🥰🙏

  17. She is really good looking ..never boring to see her

  18. What happen KGE n what do you mean ??

  19. I'm confused…which is the meaning of what she posted today?

  20. Be strong kge you are a good hearth ….very humble couple lmh kge……godbless…..

  21. 세상에 단~한 사람~~당신을 응원합니다~🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰

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