The King Eternal Monarch Thanksgiving Party

#TKEM #TheKing #LeeMinHo #KimGoEun


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  1. yown! ang ganda nito

  2. Ang yaman po nila..bonggang bonga ang handaan

  3. my favorite oppa.
    btw eto na ung regalo sayu. Pabalik nalang po. Salamat

  4. Enjoy being a fan. keep it up. stay safe always.

  5. Beautiful decorations enjoy watching your photos slide

  6. happy birthday to you…

  7. Mga Lodi ko lahat sa k drama

  8. That was cool celebrations with your friends

  9. My favorite cast of king monarch🥰

  10. Enjoy the party Miss Ruth

  11. Enjoy….Ang ganda naman nya… Aimz D vlog here

  12. wow! party party…ang gwapo talaga ni leminho

  13. Happy holidays happy family bonding bai

  14. Ang galing naman ng intro ayos talaga

  15. Happy partying po celebrate the moment of our lives to gain more memories keep on vlogging kaibigan im here ol da way

  16. Happy thanks giving stay safe

  17. Impressive celebration of their party and you must be a great fan sissy keep it up.

  18. Nice one Langga, Lee Min Ho omg!

  19. nice naman.

  20. Beautiful video with girly stuff and cool background music

  21. Lee min ho fan ka pala sis, hehe

  22. I really love the cast talagaa

  23. Beautiful vid with full of girly stuff. Love the pink colors, flowers and baloon

  24. I love this colour pink with your compilation picture

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