The King : Eternal Monarch Season 1 | Episode 7 Trailer | Netflix

Gon brings Yeong along on his trip back to Tae-eul. He has a favor to ask of her, while she’s found something troubling to share with him.


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  1. The king enternal monarch send me full ipesode

  2. Does anyone knows the song name which plays as background music in epi 7 at 44.17 min while Lee Gon & Tae Geul are having drink at bb.q??? It seems really beautiful. Please

  3. Am I the only one that can’t find it ?

  4. I feel like the person who saved Lee Gon was Jang tae eul's mom!

  5. Lee Min Ho’s charm never fade even after years of hiatus. His laughter, the giggles and manly manner makes you wonder on how is it being around with him. He has such a very strong persona that attracts viewers added with his commendable acting skills. Can’t wait to finally watch this.

  6. Is there anyway that this drama will also be shown here on Netflix UAE, please?!

  7. Fyi, for some of us think that ratings isn't that important, but what makes the drama itself going on is the ratings, if the drama hit the lowest ratings it could have stopped. you guys must searching on google about the impact of ratings to the drama. so what do we do to support the drama ratings? BY WATCHING IT STREAMING.

  8. Its friday still unable to watch it……cant wait tge suspense is too much

  9. Episode 8 Preview 😭❤

  10. Wwaahhhhh.. Greet from Indonesia

  11. Does anybody know what's the exact airing time on Netflix?

  12. It has not been out yet today! Why?

  13. Badly waiting for the full ep7 in netflix… what time you'll release this one??? cant wait to see what will happen next…

  14. Lee min Ho is the best actor

  15. how can i see it on netfilix online????

  16. I don’t like watching again because

  17. I don't k ow why Koreans are underating the movie. This is a cool drama series they have no idea how foreign people like this series🙄🙄🙄🙄

  18. Thank god its friday😊

  19. Why is it still not available in Belgium? 😭😭

  20. No matter what the ratings are…I am your fangirl .. I'll watch whatever you serve! You are a 💫

  21. La mejor serie del momento

  22. This reminds me of goblin 😭❤️❤️

  23. Sukses selalu buat oppa lee min ho
    Makin sukses drama2 yg d bintangi nya,
    Salam penggemar d indonesia,,
    Kami suka oppa le min ho,,

  24. Oppa lee min ho love love love oppa lee min ho
    Salam penggemar d indonesia

  25. Lee min ho❤️

  26. What do you mean with season 1 ?

  27. Who over here also feels that it's gravity song that gives the goblins Vibes of stay with me😍

  28. Soo excited for episode 7&8

  29. I don't like female lead…

  30. Loving this drama more and more

  31. Awet mudah 😍😍😍 LEE MIN HO

  32. I really don't care about ratings. All Korean people do is just criticism. They don't know that this drama is Gem. Actors are so warm like i go UWU in every episode 🥺

  33. So, do we have Season 2??? 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  34. I love this drama so much and I dont know why some korean audience and korean media pages are against it. I know it has some similarities to Goblin but there a lot of things which are new and refreshing in this drama. Its just fabulous from each and every point of view.

  35. Why I can’t find it on netflix please help

  36. Niye Netflix de bulamıyorum 🤷🏻‍♀️

  37. I shouldve waited until there’s ep.16,i cant help it w/ the waitt

  38. Next episode on TKEM , When Eun-seob Meets Young- episode 8😉👍🏻😎… I cant wait for the next episodes. Every episodes it’s getting more and more interesting. I love it 😻😍 😊!!!

  39. Big mistake to watch an ongoing drama. Its painful to wait a whole week for new episodes ugh!

  40. Kasih tau dong cara daftar netflix

  41. This is the kind of drama that will leave you sooo many questions after saturday episode… And you will have to count the days until it reach Friday! I love the chemistry. EPISODE 5 AND 6 are amazing!!! Dont worry about those criticism. I hope this drama is until Ep 20..pleaseeee i want more😢😭😭😭

  42. I really like this drama i can not wait for the next episode * w *

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