The Interview Kim Jong Un "Katy Perry Firework"

The Interview Kim Jong Un “Katy Perry Firework”


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  1. Damn Kim Jung Un is like the bro I never had! “You think I’d tease you and not take you all the way” 💀 “Boom.. f*ck you tree 🌳 “ hahahahaha

  2. it feels so weird to see a Kim double in a movie just joking around and having fun

  3. Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

  4. Can someone tell me what movie is this😖

  5. this movie makes you lose brain cells

  6. Kim jong un diplomacy is bad.

  7. they are the panzer elite
    born to compete
    never retreat
    (ghost division)

  8. Kim Jong hacked Sony over this movie.
    (we all know he secretly loves it)

  9. I have never wanted a tank more in my life.

  10. No, his wife really listens to music in a tank for fun😂

  11. O comentário que você estava procurando!

  12. When you finally get a tank in BF1

  13. “it was a gift from stalin” 😂

  14. Thank god kim is nothing like this it will be really weird

  15. 2:02 Honestly I wouldn't give a fucking damn if Kim was next to me… I'm driving that fucking T-62.

  16. Trees in 2020: Just what the fuck have I done such that I deserve that shot 6 years ago

  17. Did they really put a T 55 in this movie, if not this was some good animation

  18. Kim Jong Un is just a poor misunderstood guy.

  19. Scene is no way accurate. The T-54B isn't nearly as spacious as the scene depicts.

  20. 이것이 제가 오바마와 같은 지도자를 만나고 싶지 않은 이유입니다. 그가 이것을 어떻게 승인 할 수 있습니까? 미국은 2014 년 이후에 살아남은 것이 행운입니다.

  21. Fuck you tree😂😂

  22. Bruh…If Kim is like this, I'm gonna party with mah boi every weekend.

  23. Who even created the bowl cut ruined so many lives children getting bullied men looking 15 holy shit

  24. Man is love Kim if this was how he was he shouldn't have seen this lmao

  25. One if my favourite movie scenes of all time for damn sure

  26. The fact that they play "Firework" in this movie is downright hilarious.

  27. world in union

  28. What the name of movies?

  29. I thought they were friends ☹️

  30. “Fuck you tree” said everyone who throws a gender reveal party

  31. It was gift to my granfather from staalin
    Franco; in my country its pronounced stalone….hahahahah he thought silvester stallone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Who wants to be straight?!?!

  33. What is the music in the begginning

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