"The Blue Zone" – a Project M Combo/Highlight Video

Consider this a sequel to True Blue! (ಠ⌣ಠ) This time around, I was able to gather some tournament highlights too, so hopefully it enhances the viewer experience. This took me quite a while to make, especially with all the issues I’ve been having the past couple months – but even so, I’m really happy with how this turned out! Project M is fun as hell, you guys. Spread the love!

Songs used (if you didn’t stay for the creds):

-Watercolour by Pendulum
-Watercolour (Acoustic Cover) by Krewella

Thanks for watching!

Nguồn: https://epicentreconcerts.org/

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  1. Your custom combos with luigi are so crazy. It inspires me to compile my own stuff – thanks for that!:D

  2. how are up not considered a god

  3. How'd you know Blue Roy was my colour?

    I'm watching you…

  4. You bodying M2K is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

    lol m2k

  5. where can I watch the sick set of you vs m2k

  6. That Falcon Punch kill against Ike was the most savage thing I've ever seen in my entire life

  7. I keep coming back to this video to watch. Lots of fun, fun combos, sick music choice, well edited. I hope to see more and especially look forward to the next video with tournament footage

  8. Hey blue zone, in my opinion, I think you are the best player in super smash bros. Project M

  9. Subbed. Please make more c:

  10. And not a single Sonic clip.

  11. Junebug can eat his heart out.

  12. I'll assume you are the rank 1 of you region

  13. But which ones your main

  14. 0_0 lessons? Subscribed as well c:

  15. Hey what recording equipment do you use?

  16. 0:01
    Lyrics: When I'm falling down
    Me: Well dats what happens when yo diet consists of Cookies,pizza, and fried chicken you so fat dat ya can't even support your own god damn weight. Last time ya fell down you caused a fuckin earthquake

    Lyrics: Will you lift me up again ?
    Me: Nah bitch I aint lifting you up ya weigh 6 million tons not even Hercules could lift dat shit mah nigga

  17. Love the falcon. Where are you from?

  18. Your editing is so good. Oh my God great combo video

  19. Do you play online? If so do you want to ( wii )

  20. Well done! Really nice combo video =)

  21. omg how many characters does this man have!?!?!

  22. How to make Denti look free, the Combo video.

  23. Better then the first one! Keep up the good work dude!

  24. Using the blue color on all characters. Good stuff!


  26. Super god-like and stylish as heck! Keep it up buddy! ; 3

  27. God I love'd this & Who doesn't love Pendulum

  28. oh man those combos were so fucking spicy

  29. That four stock on our #1 ranked player :/

  30. This is just amazing to watch

  31. it's been so long since i've heard this song lol

    great vid

  32. All this Reddit gold coming your way :^)

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