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Thank you indeed much for your fantastic crippled. I ‘d tried every resource available to me, but my son had zero interest in learning to read. After playing on your locate for two days he was focused and fix to start learn. He ‘s already read simple words and he ‘s excited about read ! !
Alicia Lott ( Parent )
My year one class love this reading game and are despairing to know if there will be more levels. It is the best game I ‘ve found for teaching sounds – and I ‘ve looked at a distribute ! Being able to play at their level and have consolidation for the sounds they get wrong is brainy and means they can work independently without having to wait for me to assess and set the decline charge. antic !
Sandy Shepard ( Teacher )

My son ( about 4 ) absolutely loves this plot and it has made phonics fun and accessible – he simply is n’t interest in traditional phonics games/activities. The island king and giant have actually captured his resource. suddenly his reluctance has gone and he ‘s sounding out his phonemes accurately and recognising them immediately ( not bad for a chap digest from glue ear ! ).
Tracy Halford ( Parent and Teacher )
I would like to congratulate you on a brainy piece of software. We have introduced this to our early Years Foundation Stage Pupils who have wholly taken to it and gone home and carried on playing there. If they have a choice of things to do on the calculator, this is now their first choice. I have besides introduced it to a course of Years Ones in ICT Club and they have chosen to play it all week. It is fantastic to stand back and watch them all engaged with the game and comparing their progress .
Congratulations on an excellent merchandise. Can you do one for maths now ? ! ! ! ! !
Mel Hall ( School ICT Administrator )
I read about the web site in the TES a few months ago and have only precisely got around to trying it with my 4 year old twins. They both loved it and it was hard to stop them at 4 games each ! ! ! Thank you for this well made and motivating resource.
Becky Green ( Teacher and Parent )
Thank you for this fantastic web site ! My students are in truth enjoying it ! We ca n’t wait for Step Two.
Teri Pope ( Teacher )
This is an amazing, beautifully made and entertaining web site for young children to learn phonetic sounds. Design a freak and take it on an venture around a charming sphere to find the letter sounds and fix a starship. The storyline is dear and the activities are educational and motivational.
Martin Burrett ( Teacher and Educational Speaker )
All in all – we loved it and I can actually see the potential for this in both mainstream classroom mise en scene and for children with extra needs.
Jenny ( Parent and Blogger )

My 5 year old son loved playing this and it was educational ( without being besides obvious ). The graphics and heavy were exceptionally good. Children these days are very lucky to have such learning tools. My son says “ it is amazing ! ‘ ”
Sue Press ( Parent )
I ca n’t recommend this highly enough, my boys love this ! even the ones that can already read enjoy it.
Samantha Tancock ( Parent )
I just introduced my kids to your crippled today, and my son is already addicted. Which is fantastic because he ‘s having a intemperate time with read ! Hurray !
Amy ( Parent )
This web site is sincerely a gem. I love it and so do my students
Jennifer Jones ( Teacher )
This is such a jewel you will barely believe it is release ! If you teach infants or children in the foremost stages of learning to read, sign them up straight away and watch them have a ball while teaching their monster to read. deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as recognising letters and sounds, the game teaches children to blend and segment. celluloid phonics in an engage, fun and progressive plot … and wholly barren !
sites4primary ( Educational Resource Website )
Teach Your Monster to Read raises the bar for those producing learning games. flush though games have increased in their timbre and setting throughout the last few years, teachers have frequently had to shoe-horn ideas from off the ledge titles .
This game is deeply rich in its design, classic in gameplay, and importantly designed with the apprentice at the center.

It offers a brand modern approach to educational game development – draw expertness in concert from a multidisciplinary team and it shows it the depth of quality in the game. As a elementary teacher I was constantly left with a nag doubt about one facet of games I was using. If it wasn ’ t the gameplay, the invention and production quality was limited or indeed the learning prize was fleeting .
With Teach Your monster to Read we have a game that breaks that shape and delivers on every charge.
Tom Barrett ( ex teacher, now adviser in ICT & Education )
( Tom worked with us in the concluding stages of the project to make certain our back end systems worked well for teachers, and besides to advise on our market strategy. )

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