26 thoughts on “Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Reviews Movie Tattoos, from ‘Moana’ to ‘Black Swan’ | Vanity Fair

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  2. Now I just want to find out if a tattoo artist is surprised by tattoos I have or if I'm predictable…. O.o

  3. Jesus, man, the flower on her back in Black Swan isn't 2 flowers, it's one flower split… into 2 swan wings.

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  8. Sadly the bet part of Black Swan is the tattoo. Ballerinas start at six at the latest. You can't later in life pick up the movements necessary unless you start really early.

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  10. This guy was an amazing speaking, highly knowledgable, well spoken, easy to understandable and so insightful! I love how he talks about trends, deterioration and everything else!

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  12. If you are a tattoo artist and you design a tattoo, are the rights automatically yours or do you need to ask for a patent?

  13. As a former Divergent fan, i’m pretty disappointed they didn’t use Four’s back tattoo cause that was amazing

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