27 thoughts on “Taeyeon-Sunmi

  1. so cute that sunmi have a girl crush on taengu but we all know taeyeon is for tiffany and sunmi is for sohee hehe taeny and miso love 🙂 aww i miss sunmi 4D alien 🙁

  2. taeyeon get many admirer but she heart mostly at tiffany…so it hard to get taeyeon cause taeyeon it person that not easy to get close…like other snsd member before say, taeyeon like mystery but now she mostly only open her heart to snsd member and only trust them…maybe some other people but not many…

  3. omg!!! even though I love SunYeon (& TaeNy) first when Sunny formed a couple with T-ara's HyoMin I totally forgot Taeng and focused on them..and now I discovered this..SunMi really likes Taengoo and it's super cute!!!I'm loving this couple~! lol XD
    this is making me crazy… hahahaha!..really love wonder generation and kara generation!..they're good friends and are not rivals…

  4. talking about Taeny. sunmi does cover on Umbrella on WG concert rite n then Fany do it also on SNSD concert.. try to win Tae heart i guess.. since Tae is a byun anyway.hahaha..

  5. LOL Taeyeon had an admirerrrrr. You can't blame Sunmi for liking Taeyeon so much. Taeyeon seems like the type to unconsciously make people fall for her. Hence why 14 guys asked her out.

  6. Certain mushroom is not going to be happy when she heard this. And Taeyeon's like yeah I'm hot. Taeyeon's gonna get it when she's home.
    LOL TaeNy.

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