Stray Kids Lee Know and Hyunjin radiating sibling energy

the funniest part is that they’re both the only child (aside from their fur siblings) ――――― ☾ ――――― Kingdom Voting [Introduction Stage Ep.0] There is …


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  1. IMPORTANT! Whilst you wait for the video to premiere, please read below carefully.

    If you aren’t aware, Stray Kids performed a one take performance on Kingdom alongside the other groups participating. This will be aired later on the 1st episode of Kingdom coming April 1st, 7:50pm KST.

    What you can do now:
    📌 There is a voting taking place right now until the 27th, 23:59 KST. Please download the app if you haven’t already and make as many accounts as possible.
    📌 There are strict conditions to voting and everything will be explained (including sign up tutorials, download links etc) in this google slides below. Please click on it and have a read through. It also includes other ways to prepare for the rest of the episodes of Kingdom.

    If you have any questions, please ask below. I hope you enjoy this video, I know it’s been stressful times :,(.

  2. How too voting skz in kingdom pliss tell me^~^

  3. Any1 know where u can watch 2:19 and 7:17?

  4. After watching this i think Minho miss him the most. But he never say they like each other

  5. if someone told me that one of them is a scorpio id know exactly which one

  6. Quero ver mais vídeos legendados muito legal adorei stray Kids ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Você é brasileira?Portuguesa?

  8. Watty ni yazmışsın da yazdığımız şeylere cevap veriyo musun veriyorsan ben de yazarım

  9. 7:18 when he bows😭😭😭

  10. HaHahA soo funny

  11. Hyunho is the best in my heart🥺The cutest and funniest relationship in skz. Love to see them together💕💕💕

  12. 2:39
    I.N is wearing the same shirt that Taehyun wore for crown- aH

  13. Sandan rica ediyoroum
    😘Felix sevgelise varme meraktan olüyourom😫💔👈

  14. I wanna watch the full thing what is the scene from 2:31 from?

  15. Ojala siempre se lleven bien y nunca se traicionen la amistad es primero,los amigos son familia y ojala nunca termine su amistad como se ve aquí..que padre.

  16. Me encanto ve tan hermoso….y…que buenas tomas…

  17. Is the owner of this channel Turkish?

  18. La canción que ha puesto al final alguien me puede decir cómo se llama por favor???? La necesitoooo :"""(

  19. *Why do not you publish videos now?
    I'm not good in english*

  20. Me being like: is yeji there sis

  21. This is literally me and my best friend my being hyunjin, her being lee know

  22. Wow you're really has a good editing technique! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  23. Ur editing skills are chefs kiss

  24. very hilarious when hyunjin calling LK 'old man' 🤣
    i miss hyunjin

  25. But I thought Yeji and Hyunjin are siblings

  26. 3:10 Minho screaming ice cream = everything

  27. Kim Türkçeye çevirmişse çok komik ve güzel çevirmiş tşk

  28. I come back to watch this video video again and I get an advertisement of hyunjin?? like a birthday one I’m so confused BUT WHEN YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT IT THERE IS AN ADVERTISEMENT OF HYUNJIN?? holy shit

  29. The ads was hyunjin birthday!!

  30. im dying to know what type of editing app or software u use 😭😭

  31. Y justo me salió un anuncio de hyunjin :0

  32. ik im late but did anyone get a hyunjin add

  33. Funny Facts: hyunjin is not really afraid of Lee know he just being dramatic! imao-

  34. in fact their relationship is very close ☺

  35. idk but the fact that at one point, they were in the same city as me (nyc) makes me happy but sad bc i didn't see them

  36. The tissue incident will never not be funny. These crackheads ISTG.

  37. So funny 😂😂😭🧡🧡, i really love them so so so much 🧡🇮🇶

  38. 0:53 that smirk killed meeeeeeee

  39. I got an Ad….. And what i saw is my beautiful and handsome ✨HYUNJIN✨

  40. Hey, i am french and I realised that sometimes, the french subtiles in your video doesn’t make sens. Would you like me to help you for the translation for your coming videos ?

  41. Can I ask why does Lee know shivers when he is touched??

  42. I got an ad of Hyunjins Birthday during this

  43. Happy birthday Hwang hyunjin❤❤❤❤


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