Star Trek: TNG Reunion Full Panel – 30th Anniversary – Front Row – August 4, 2017

This is the Star Trek: The Next Generation Reunion Panel filmed at the Rio Hotel during the 2017 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, NV on August 4, 2017. Panelists included Sir Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby, and John de Lancie.
The panel took place in the evening after the regular programming of the day. Jonathan Frakes was supposed to attend but wasn’t able to make it. The cast has some fun talking about him in his absence. They share memories from the past thirty years and keep it entertaining.
This was filmed upclose from the front row center. This is the full panel with a couple of cuts for battery changes. This was filmed in HD. If you enjoy the video please hit the subscribe button 🙂

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  1. And Donald Trump would solve the problems with Q as easy as Picard did!!! I knew that question was gonna get political and I ABSOLUTELY hated it. Stick to our dreams and taking us away from the real world problems BOTH parties have created for us as people!!!

  2. I cant believe it's now been almost 34 years!!! I remember watching the series premiere when I was 10 years old a nice cool Sept night. Was home alone by myself (yes we could do that back then) and just sat and watched the 2 hour premiere by myself. I was stuck on the series ever since!!! Just blows my mind it's been that long already!!!

  3. Watching this i was hopping to see a harmony between the actors love and devotion in there amazing work that allot of people liked through years and basically a logical response and mature attitude by the public . I am really dissapointed from everything . This video made me lose my interested in these actors and basically i got terrified of the idea that fans actually overcome every logical limits and just make fool out of them selfs….Am sick and tired of people not being rational and love something dearly and express that love politely and respectfully in that they love. Cause loving a movie show or an actor when we come to this…isn't about what you would love to ask or show but what they would wanna experience as well…You can't claim that you love these people and disrespect and making fun of them in any way.

  4. Why did they get upset at what the lady said at 1:12:15 ?

  5. 29:02 "…except when they kill kids!"

  6. What a GREAT group of talented and creative people!

  7. Talking about Pitbulls Marina Sirtis says they're the sweetest dogs. 2 seconds later you can hear Lavar mutter "except when they kill kids". Shade thrown?

  8. 29:00 'except when they kill kids' excuse me WHAT

  9. 1:09:34 this did not age well, everything until this spot on though.

  10. Q is my favorite but I came to see Troi

  11. not sure if Crosby should have been there, she is not really a TNG all star considering she barely made it through one season. Also her character Yar, was dull and one dimensional and all in all she was a terrible actor.

  12. @1:25:20 Patrick Stewart being the leader just like in the show haha

  13. Jeeze – Sirtiis is obnoxious, rude and insulting and ego centric and she should have been dropped early on because her character was weak and her acting even worse . Lets face it, she thinks she's gorgeous, but she is not attractive and her legs aren't worth looking at and she's no spring chicken herself. She has zero charisma and should not be invited to these conventions because she wrecks them for everyone else. She mentions Stewarts age alot, but she's just a bad tempered old woman herself and Stewarts a refined gentleman and a fine actor.

    Just my personal opinion. If you disagree – feel free to slag me off – I'm sure you will – Sirtis would – she slags everyone off.

  14. I would want to ask Gates about Labyrinth

  15. Marina is so charming and straightforward.

  16. Mirana Sirtis pissed as a fart.

  17. Hey…where is William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes)…Genie Francis hubby???? lol I LOVE that ACTOR!!!! He need to grace the stage with the rest of my favorites! (WORF & PACARD) 4-EVER!!!

  18. I see she still can’t be quiet.

  19. love Dorn’s story about the parking card ! 😂

  20. Amazing panel and discussions. I loved what Sir Patrick said at the very end about their memories of the set and having a very different relationship with the material then fans have. I wish I had been able to go but I was in college at the time–I don't know think there be more like this and it makes me sad that I missed the boat because I was too young! 😭

  21. Marina is hilarious!!! Amazing sense of comedic timing. It's such a shame they didn't let her character crack a joke once in a while–She's a natural comedian. Easily got the most laughs out of everyone on the panel

  22. Saw that Jonathan Frakes won't be attendingClicks back

  23. LeVar said, don't you F-ing do it Pattrick!

  24. 29:03 – Except when they kill people? What an ignorant comment in the audience. Humans have killed more people than dogs ever had… should we ban them? Oh wait… that's coming for us in a future near you.

  25. The audience are dicks. They are so quick to correct and judge question askers.

  26. Men are more assertive and likely to argue for a wage. Also, women are often attracted to jobs that pay less. Also, startrek's demographic is primarily Male so it makes sense to pay more to the characters with the most screentime and relatability.


  28. 51:03 Probably the funniest bit: DeLancie talks about taking his judge robes from the set as a memoir, with a twist 😂

  29. Gates looks still so fantastic! 😍 Where is Will Riker?

  30. Remember these actors read and acted how a group of writers and directors Told them to. So basically there who acting carrier is possible by someone else Telling them what to do and say, kind of like puppets. I respect them as Actors but there RL options are like A&& hole everyone has one.

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