Lee Min Ho, who returns to acting in the drama Pachinko, produced by Apple, is continuing the filming process in Vancouver, Canada. However, news of rumors with Kim Go Eun is still in the spotlight and is the talk of netizens. Reviewing Lee Min Ho’s old interviews on several media platforms about his ideal woman. Unexpectedly, the criteria for Lee Min Ho’s ideal woman to approach Kim Go Eun both in personality, physique and skills. What criteria is that ?.

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46 thoughts on “Some Strong Reasons Lee MinHo Chose Kim GoEun

  1. praying for both of them, that their love with each other be going strong, and really praying that they are destined to be one, can't wait for that moment, i love you both MinGo couple, ❤️❤️❤️

  2. LMH's real love is Suzy Bae, however due to their careers they parted ways. Rumors said that LMH and PSH dated and she was the female that lived with him and even was introduced to his parents. It is also said that PSH has a boyfriend who is in he military and is engaged to be married to him.( KGE), rumors have it that LMH is dating her. "Maybe maybe not. " LMH keeps his life private and doesn't like to disclose such personal information. LMH stated in an interview that the woman for him has to be the type of relationship that his parents have. In my opinion It seems as though every woman he acted with, people are speculating that he has dated them. Not every woman he is close with that he is dating. Has anyone ever thought he is just close friends with certain females?
    LMH is an extremely handsome and gorgeous man, and I am sure all these leading female actresses will fall head over heels for him. Many people say LMH is married and have a child with Suzy Bae. LMH is not married and have no kids. This man is a model as well as an actor. His photo shoots and videos make people think what they want to think and believe.
    I know everyone has their own opinion, however before letting others know what may not be the truth is what confuses people. Sometimes you can get the answers to your questions by his interviews. To me I want to believe he has something for KGE because in the King Eternal Monarch off screen shoots tells a different story. If he is with her then to each his own. I think they make a beautiful couple. Whatever and whomever make that sweet man happy then he deserves that much.

    I honestly think that when LMH is ready to say who he is really with, then he will let his fans know. In the meanwhile people who love and admire LMH should stop speculating and assuming because it confuses others and they start to believe. Rumors are just that and facts are just that. What is more important is the truth.

  3. In the lifestyle bio facts of Lee min ho there's no Kim go eun Lee min Ho's list till the present 2021 he said no dating and she is not he's ideal type

  4. Lee mn ho,my other favourite k actor,I liked his k drama the king.,the boys over flower…great actor,good looking too.

  5. Super! Îmi place mult de ei! Se potrivesc ! Le doresc multă fericire! Cred că vor fi o familie foarte frumoasă!!! Lee Min Ho a făcut o alegere perfectă.

  6. Lee Minho & Kim Go Eun is so blessed both ambassador of Luxurious Fashion brand. Love and support them always.

  7. I hope their love to each other will be more stronger and always happy enjoying their time together as time pass by. Love them to be together. Hopefully next year 2022 will be their happiest year to settle down as 2 is their precious number.😍🥰❤

  8. Hello my beautiful great fans, how are you doing I hope everything is fine you can speak or write me in my Hangout app with my email, thanks

  9. All thr reason very strong to make a big decision..marry..🙏😘😘😘always pray for KGE n LMH🙏🙏♥️

  10. Whatever just enjoy your life your both on top of the world don’t waste your time life is to short whoever you love by your self and on your side grab it may be that’s your lucky charm go,go,go LMH and KGE

  11. KGE is pretty women she is ideal type of LMH love both of you God bless them lots of happiness ❤️❤️💐💐🙏🏻

  12. Kim go eun is not just a dream come true for Lmh, but a virtuous woman who bring out the best in LMH for her price price is above Rubies. It's so obvious how lmh couldn't resist of KGE's charming eyes🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  13. WOW yes the best Lee Min Ho and kim Go Eun good luck and happy family!!!🤞🤞👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🍀😘✌💯🇦🇹

  14. I don' t know that they are really dating in real life or fan are shipping. Did they confirm their dating ?

  15. Yes #kimgoeun is a good woman and her husband is so lucky to have her, she has everything the qualities what a man need to a woman specially she raised from a good and happy family… Hopefully that man would be #leeminho… Hopefully he applied the message of " Aloha" song … May God will be the center in your relationship ❤️❤️❤️

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