22 thoughts on “SOBRIETY SHALLENGE UPDATE: Did Giving Up Alcohol Ruin My Friendships? | Shallon Lester

  1. So glad I found your channel. New subscriber here. This is great content. I’m 41 & started my sobriety journey almost 2 years ago. It was necessary. I do feel more put together and enlightened. Shallon, you’re so on point girl.

  2. Lol I’ve been sober for 3 years!! I have no friends left lol except for my friend who is also sober but honestly it’s great. I’m way more spiritual and happy though. I love my life now I hated my life as a drinker I was always sick and depressed and I lived for my nights or drinking. I wasn’t really LIVING in the end

  3. my goal for year 2020 was absolute sobierty for the entire year – I broke it 2 times: first time I had 50ml of martini on my 5th wedding anniversary and the second time it was a glass of mule wine on my birthday. I actually feel great that I sort of did it

  4. I recently decided to be fully sober. Similar reasons to you, I didn't drink a ton or get blackout ever, but I wasn't in a healthy relationship with it. And I hungout with a friend recently who I'D TOLD that I wanted to be sober and who I'd asked not to bring it around me or offer it. And she did. And I caved because I have issues with substance abuse. And that right there showed me that she isn't a true friend. Obviously it's on me and I chose to drink, but a SUPPORTIVE friend would have respected my request knowing that I can't refuse at this point in time because it's been a coping mechanism for me. She did it anyway and disrespected me in that way. I would never do that to her. She isn't a bad person but she clearly is more concerned about having fun then being a real friend.

  5. yup when you put yourself first and have to constantly say No to things, you lose friends that are just messy and don’t think of consequences

  6. Oh I know exactly what you mean. When I was in school I was a lot more shy and was known as 'the quiet one', eventually with maturity and healing I became more open and outspoken, with new people I can be the "new" version of me and there's no pressure, when someone from my past wants to hang out they're suprised hearing me say my opinions out loud like I can see a question mark in their faces 'huh didn't we meet so that I can talk and you just listen' Lol

  7. Why do you have to pigeon hole yourself into being the “fun friend”? I’m sure at any given time you have been the chill or cerebral or pick any other noun or adjective, friend. So just be you, the all of the above, friend friend? And this is just part of being a grown up anyway. The thought of being hungover on a Wednesday morning or whenever gets less and less appealing as we age. As Chris Rock so aptly put it, “No one wants to be the old guy (or girl) at the bar.” Lol 😆

  8. Need support and an AccountiBiliBuddy 🙂 Cut out added sugars (soda, snacks etc.) and empty carbs (pizza, bread, pasta etc.) please!!! Can we make that one a Shallenge?

  9. How do you live with yourself? How can you sit in front of a camera and straight-faced, candidly lie to people? I’m not saying anything in this video is a lie, I’m just posting here because it’s your most recent video. How can you act like these celebrities and other people you don’t know have psychological issues? Please, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself you’re in the wrong, and that you want to improve. Search for the advice from professionals. Like this video, talk about yourself for a change.

  10. I gave up alcohol recently, and man! I learned a lot about myself and my relationship with alcohol. I have also recently been working out and eating clean/healthy so I stopped drinking. I broke my fast weeks ago, and I hated the way it made me feel. I also felt good about the "first drink." Then came the next few, and before I knew it I was borderline blacked out. I felt horrible for the next few days and I absolutely lost track of my goals. Alcohol is so not worth it!

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