41 thoughts on “Singapore's next generation hawkers | Belly Of A Nation | Part 2 | Full Episode

  1. If you enjoyed this two-part documentary, make sure to check out Season 2 of Belly of a Nation:

    There we follow different Singapore hawkers over 9 months and captures their blood, sweat and tears as they dish out salivating Oyster Omelette, Wonton Noodles, Appam, Tze Char Poke Bowls, Mee Siam and many more while trying to cope with COVID-19.

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  3. I like the Tekka Centre, 545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles where the prawns are 100% shell free. Convenient to eat. Won't dirty fingers to remove shell from tail like other stalls. Delicious soup. Solid Sia. Must try.

  4. You can never go wrong when you care to do your part as a son or daughter to your parents..working no matter how difficult it may seem but has always paid a better life..though it may not all be materially rewarding

  5. Something new to feast people’s eyes break the monotony as others think so..what does boredom is a word that describe those who think life itself is not enough..

  6. Very nice and informative piece. As with most CNA features, this story was told comprehensively.

    Also, until I read the credits, I thought that the narrator of this story was Michelle Yeoh!

  7. So if she skipped university in the first place and go straight to hawker business then her family couldve save alot of money. Maybe she got fired and cant get another job sulking at home then realize she needs income thats why she just fit herself into the families business.

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  11. I love hawker centres and old Singapore cheap food. Serve from Heart. Not aircon any how cook food court high price. Who ever thought so was thinking for himself wanting aircon.

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  14. Hawkers have been my inspiration to open up a small food truck. I watch all these videos. These people are the true heart beats to the culture. I mean look at them just beautiful

  15. man, i love rojakrujak… and his rojak looks soo delicious! my mouth watering while watching that segment 😀

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  17. I'm from mexico!! And never been to singapore but i just find this documentary amazing!! And lovable!! Can't wait to travel to taste all this dishes!!

  18. Could someone give me an insight. I love the episode of Belly of Nation. I found it in website with more episodes on it (eg. Part 2 episode 1-3 with around 46 minutes each episode) but in Youtube Part 2 full episode but only 46 minutes
    Honestly it is much convenient to watch it in youtube. Do all episode available in youtube? I can't even find all of them in youtube

  19. humans…a species that never appreciates abundance till they are all gone….God bless you CNA…..GOd bless us all.

  20. Proud of the first two hawkers and you could see from their face expressions they are proud of their grandfather and father….such fine young folks! I hope to meet them and eat their delicious looking food someday soon when the pandemic is over!

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  22. It would be glad if theres address showing and location of every stalls showing in channel. Some was unaware to catch where was the location of the stall

  23. I think the Singapore's next generation hawkers can expand further if they can add some hot dogs stall & hawaiian stall loco moco, etc. I can see their schedules are overwhelming. If they can get more personnel, then they can divided the work load and get more rest.

  24. Don't call it a culture please. Its humiliating. Yall really don't have anything else to claim is it? Food centre/food court or food market are literally everywhere. The food yall selling is Malaysian food. Even your own people go to Malaysia for the original tasted food. What is there to be proud of really?


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