Singapore Islands: the rich marine life of Pulau Jong | The Islands That Made Us

During spring tide, the water level at Pulau Jong can drop over 3m in just six hours, revealing a massive reef six times larger than the island. Volunteers log all …


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  1. Frankly speaking, we should just preserve what we have now, we have enough land to live on. Idw to have a day when I need to drive to Kukup to bring my kids to show them what a swamp looks like.

  2. Time 19:04 – 19:08. Drone operator engaged by CNA should have landed his UAV immedately as there was a manned aircraft flight not too high above his drone. Safety first please. Thanks.

  3. We need to protect and conserve whatever marine eco-system or any nature life we still have not only for the sake of our country but also the world…sadly but slowly the developments of the world are killing the earth….if we dont stop and protect what is left, then the world will die 😔

  4. Great video ,CNA 👍❤️

  5. Eh walao eh, we Singapore got such corals why aren't we scuba diving locally?

  6. I've been overseas for quite sometimes now. I must say, hearing this lady speak Singlish makes me miss Singapore all the more. I miss Singlish even though I used to think it's weird, but it's my country's identity.

  7. I am not into marine life but wow Rita's enthusiasm is really contagious!

  8. Thank you, CNA for this wonderful series of videos.

  9. Such a shame that we started from a fishing village yet fishing in our local waterbodies is now banned across the nation.

  10. This makes me really grateful living in malaysia especially kota kinabalu.. Our city is only 15mins from Marine national parks.. Take a short trip of boat, then u'll arrive at clear blue water, sandy beaches, snorkeling with coral reefs and fishes…

  11. very proud of singapore even though i am not the people .. a small country and a small nation but have a great soul and spirit so that it can build singapore as a very large country per capita

  12. Please take good care of this national treasure of Singapore, don't pollute it with run away development of oil refinery and use it as your trash dumping ground. The island has great future potential for the country.

  13. island is Sg …🖒🖒🖒

  14. Wow I'm completely blown away! The marine life is amazing. Never in my wildest dream would I have imagined this is in Singapore. Thank you for doing what you're doing. 🙏

  15. Those tiles are a fantastic inovation. It's great to see people giving nature a helping hand for once.

  16. Pulau Jong??? Never hear before!

  17. Not everything has to be reclaimed and developed. Nature is best left alone. Grant Chek Jawa protection status now!

  18. Amazing! What a remarkable and insightful video I love it! 😍😍👍🏻👍🏻

  19. More of this please. It's nice seeing my mother's homeland still taking good care of nature. I'll always consider myself part orang Singapura at heart.

  20. You shouldn't touch the corals though. It prevents the corals from growing, thus meaning that going and walking there is just making the nature suffer.

  21. Most cheerful naturalist ever 🙂

  22. Very nice island. 👏😍

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