Singapore CHRISTMAS All You Can Eat BUFFET & EVA Airline BEST Meals!

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Spent Christmas in #Singapore and had to try the holiday buffet at the JW Marriot and then it’s off for a day at home via Eva airline where I booked my meals ahead of time and it was the best I’ve had on that airline.

my friend Chloe: Chloexling

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  1. @17:00 they guy must have seen your videos but didn't want to come disturb you so he walks by like a ninja waving to your camera. lol Shinobi right there in white.


  3. The person who wrote “Crazy Rich Asians” graduated from my university, University of Houston-Clear Lake.

  4. The abstracted parcel reciprocally deceive because single extremely whirl till a phobic interest. deeply, hapless gun

  5. 17:04 Guy waves at the camera.

  6. Is not Taiwan quality as it is buffet

  7. You don’t have an any one American accent though haha you still have that Chinese accent thrown in the mix.

  8. I miss buffets!

  9. We definitely need that vinegar

  10. So I notice HelloFresh only does meal kits for 2+ people. Is that just because I'm in Australia or do you just straight up eat two peoples' worth of food every meal?

  11. I wish I had mikes belly

  12. Oh I've seen her performance before!!!

  13. Cloye is absolutely Gorgeous.

  14. Remember when we could go to buffet? Good times.

  15. if I lived in Singapore I'd be eating duck rice or something similar for breakfast every day.

  16. Cheese with Honey is a french-italian thing

  17. I honestly wish Mike would give us a few demonstrators on how he builds one of his itineraries and the price for flights and food. Seems very hit or miss to me-but in any event, I enjoy these quite a lot. Keep it up Mike.

  18. We need more of chloe

  19. Haha an American accent to an Australian is about as sexy as an Australian accent to Americans 🤣

  20. No it doesn’t need vinegar. U might be the only one

  21. Damn mikey is pulling dimes, mad respect

  22. Whats your favorite country for food

  23. I knew Mike was on the Droid side 😉

  24. You guys would make a very cute couple! 🙂 BUT MIKE YOU REALLY NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH SODIUM YOU TEND TO EAT IN OUR DIET??? Healthy average adult on sodium should be about 1500-2300 A DAY…that bowl of Myojo noodle you just ate is over 2500! That one bowl is your whole day intake for sodium! :O

  25. Thank you so much for taking me around the world!!! You are a delight 🙂💚

  26. One people one nation one Singapore 🇸🇬

  27. 16:38 Guy walks behind Mike for a minute of fame and waves goodbye lol

  28. i want to goto Singapore soo bad. maybe soon

  29. Thank you seeing you is a pleasure.

  30. Damn, Mike Chen can eat!!!!

  31. Was that lychee drink cold ?! Everyone drink when it’s cold is good (not if it’s nasty) lol

  32. You are a great Chinese son!

  33. The beef noodles need to be Mikeyfied with vinegar and hot oil.

  34. Chloe is the most adorable human Ive ever seen omg!!!

  35. Oh no fair, I haven't been to a buffet in at least 3 years! And how did they get Dungeness crab in Singapore? It's a West Coast USA product!

  36. Mikey low key dating a cute girl(s)…and ones a gold medalist! ✌ she's adorable

  37. Bro i need to move to Australia stat

  38. Typical Singaporean talking style. Yap..yap..yap

  39. Honey with Cheese….tempted to try this combination now. Thanks Mikey.

  40. So just Miley Chen now? No more strictly dumplings?

  41. Mike is an all around kind and sweet guy. The food on the airplane looks really good. I’d be terrified to fly but I’d love to travel one day

  42. Had no idea about cheese and honey but now I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know what I think. I did try a soup dumpling granted it was frozen but OMG where have I been at??? Just delicious 😋

  43. I love Hello Kitty ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Hiiya, Mike! If you want to open a Korean restaurant.. (or even BETTER, MARKET! ;)) in one of thee MOST BEAUTIFUL places in the world, come up to California's Eastern Sierra mountains, and open BOTH in BISHOP! =D We NEEEEEED Korean specialties here! I'm a pasty white, plain Anglo American, but I LOVE ASIAN CUISINE, ESPECIALLY PHO! ;D Luckily we DO have some pretty good THAI food up here, and Japanese, so another favourite, SUSHI, but STILL, Korean food, even to PREPARE, is MISSING! <3 =D

  45. Remember Buffets? Remember Dining with others?

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