Singapore a Success Story

Full version documentary. Over 39.000 have seen part 1. A film about the economic success story of Singapore. Produced in 1993. A 28 min. documentary that …


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  1. Where you don't punish wealth, wealth congregates!

  2. In order for a country to become successful, the government must have control over people, there shouldn't be any corruption within the government and people should not oppose the government and always trust them.

  3. Singapore basically did the exact opposite of Puerto Rico (my home colony). Props to them for getting it.

  4. Consider this back in early 70s nyt call lee kuan yu a fascist.his anti leftist policy anger leftist liberal in the west.but now lee kuan yu got the last laugh.

  5. I find it fascinating how little countries like UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Become so success it prob due to the fact that they have less to maintain but it’s still crazy

  6. Love and respect from Pakistan 🙏

  7. Wow I bet it looks so different now

  8. Send this to every African leader please. We can do it too.

  9. You know what's the weirdest thing? I just realised that Singaporeans sound really similar toTrinidadians, lmao. Both are former british colonies. This is trippy af to hear.

  10. You'll always think socialism is a Utopia till you see what Capitalism can achieve

  11. The secret to all its success falls on one man and one man only…its Lee Kwan Yu who I think is the greatest transformation leader in 20th Century

  12. Is easiest when the country is small.

  13. Singapore is the best Teacher with a clean History

  14. Singaporeans shouldn't get too proud. The government and the police are the only one with a brain here

  15. PLEASE WHATS APP KOH PLEASE ——— +65 9433 3363

  16. My total respect for this amazing country.

  17. #Singapore #Rafless #Lee #Lion #Employe #Bank #Port #Ship #Finn #bridge #export #👍🏻👍🏻

  18. I love 90s video because its have awesome music and vibe 😍 ❤ 😘

  19. たまたまやあ

  20. Kenya needs to learn a lesson from Singapore, Invest in your people and the rest will work themselves

  21. No, Singapore, you've got it ALL wrong! Because you're non-white, you're a nation of VICTIMS at the hands of a brutal global racist repressive white conspiracy. Throw away the capitalism and embrace socialism and statism! Engineer an all-encompassing vast governmental bureaucracy to "take care" of everyone! Human needs should be placed ahead of horrible profits!

  22. Im singaporean and i have no idea why this is on my recommendation….thank you lee kuan yew for making singapore cleaner😊we will do our best to keep it cleaner

  23. sana ganito pilipinas

  24. This is PAP Propaganda and Fake.!!!
    Success my foot.!!! Here why,
    Jobs preferences for Cheap Fake Foreign Talent leaving many Singaporean jobless.
    PAP government doesn't care and responded. Die is your business..!!!
    Many children goes to School without pocket moneys.
    CPF withdrawal age keep deferring making most cannot touch their retirement saving until they drop dead or migrated.
    More and more of Singaporeans pulling the plug annually.
    Daily suicide cases are not reported in MSM.
    Singapore were once a little paradise where our peoples live in peace and harmony with each other race until LKY came along and turned it into Slavery System (hell shit hole) to make and collect more money to establish a Lee Dienasty secretly.

  25. Wow a country fueled by logic, who knew?

  26. I admire Singapore's leadership

  27. believe me guys.i'm from algeria and i'm sure we can devolop .i'm ready to work for free to my country but the

  28. 4:29 State before Individual is just screwed up.

  29. Singapore is just in the right spot to be a major shipping port. Pretty much all ships have to go through there like the Panama Canal.

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