Shallon Lester: the shocking truth

This is my last video about Shallon Lester (part three) and wow, what a finale. A lot of people asked me to make another video about her and address her response to Dangelowallace, so here it is. Subscribe for makeup and environmental videos! I’ll also be starting a new commentary series on my channel, where I decode society, Youtube and social media drama!
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Dangelowallace’s video:

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  1. Great content Serena – this girl needed to be called out!

  2. I had to say about shallon and her hate for selena cos i was just watching her music video selena genuinely went through a hard time trying to get over justin bieber and i understand what thats like due to having to do it with my "crush" situation and it can be so hard to get over someone so i really don't think she's fair to selena at all i dont think she can empathise with people at all she quite possibly is a narcissist i really praise selena for showing us its possible to get over someone you care about it actually helped me i felt even though i never dated my person i still cared about him and there actually was an energetic bond there which i think i created due to overthinking about him so i felt like i could relate to her in many ways so i dont believe she deserves so much hate thrown at her like that no body is perfect and we all have to live and learn aswell

  3. She’s scaring me

    She released another video yesterday, it was recommended 🤨🤨

  4. @Serena Skybourne such a great video! You did a very good job and you are very spot on about everything. Thank you.Much love and appreciation. ❤

  5. She has come out straight out and says she hates Selena.I think part of that is her racism.She also says some of the most hateful lies about her.It blows my mind.Like why does she really hate her? Then to say Selena plays a victim she was a victim of emotional abuse. When someone has been a victim of any kind of abuse it is not amusing or funny it's a very serious issue.Also to make fun of her and many others mental illness is just pure evil. I watched one video and unsubscribed. I would check in on some here and there and just couldn't stand to watch more than a few minutes and now not at all.I feel like her Karma is catching up to her.Last I heard she has lost over 10,000 subcribers.She isn't just gossiping she is spreading hate, racism negativity ,lies etc. There are people actually taking advice from her and young people at that it's just sickening.There are so many people now exposing her and I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for her it is her Karma .

  6. I did hear a veiled comment that she made. She said something to the effect of, if you love or hate me? Every view makes me money. She spoke about the algorithms of YouTube and even if you are hating on her? YouTube doesn't work that way. They only care about viewers. It doesn't matter if it positive or negative, "I still make money".
    I'm not familiar with the business side, so I can't speak accurately.
    Plz make a video about how content creators are able to earn $ but is she right??
    Great video girl!! Much luv ❤

  7. It's name is Shallow Loser***

  8. Shallon Lester is not apologetic, sincere or introspective – she likes to think of herself as being a Master Manipulator, who's beautiful and charming. She's none of those things. She's silly, narcissistic, toxic and delusional. She's also incredibly stupid. YouTube needs to rein her in.

  9. Shallon has a personality disorder. She's not going to get better unless she get professional help and even that might not work. It may help her put a filter on what she says but she will have the same thoughts and feelings. Yes, she can be entertaining but deep down , in my subconscious, I could tell she is full of shit and a predator. And she brags about being a predator. What does that say about her? Delusional.

  10. Its funny how she says in her pseudo ''apology'' that ''Anyone who wants me to make a video addressing everything wrong i did is no different that being circled up in a bar shouting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT'' She's gaslighting us for wanting her to explain all the terrible things that SHE did… Unbelieveble… She's trying to turn the tables on us and calling US crazy for asking an awnswer from her for HER bad behavior. Amaizing!

  11. I know this is off topic but you are so gorgeous ❤️

  12. Um y did I get a notification for this? I don’t know u

  13. i don’t find what she said about bts racist, in fact i agree with it. however it doesn’t excuse the other bullshit she’s gotten herself into.

  14. The problem is Shallon is all about not living life as a victim which is why all y’all can’t handle her vids because your the type of people who constantly victimize yourselves like now by making these cancel culture videos which is just as toxic if not worse then the toxicity that you all are calling out. The witch statement was simply karma three fold .. what you put in the world is exactly what you’ll get back.. if your an asshole to everyone around expect to get karma like getting cancer. It’s funny because it’s the universe doing its work!!! If you practise witchcraft, Wiccan or paganism .. you would know this and not be caught off guard by the comment nor see it as insensitive.

  15. I started to know that she is ill when I hear the lies she talk ABOUT Selena Gomez. Bec. of her there are so much lies about Selena Gomez whut belieber fans want to believ and they spread her shit too. So sad for Selena that she also need to fight about this Typ of human even when she go through some shit bec. of some people.

  16. People like her will always exist. But people like you help to clarify how toxic she is to her younger viewers.

  17. Shallon Lester is not 35 she is 40.
    Shallon Lester birthday is January 23, 1980.
    Shallon Lester graduate High School June 9, 1999.

  18. Narcissists don't apologize.

  19. Shallon is a MFing queen. She ain't going nowhere 😉

  20. It's a Smear campaign against her. She can say some stupid stuff but I don't think she's genuinely bad.

  21. Oh my apologies in between those comments was the comment she lies about everything it’s scary okay so just opinion there are no regulations. Penultimate comment, next!.

  22. Fact Shannon Lesters jingle is what you permit you promote opinion this is an abusive dynamic. next.

  23. I woman in the 30s lying about her age not to a young boy just in general facts

  24. Even considering how awful her hate screeds can be and how disturbing her obsession with young dudes is, a part of me worries about Shallon. She is undoubtedly a self-centered and malicious person who should face the ramifications of what she's done. At the same time I get the impression that she needs serious help. There appears to be a disconnect with reality. (Not trying to make excuses for her, just calling it like I see it.) Also it wouldn't surprise me if she was on something

    As dangerous as she may be to herself, I agree with you that the effects she has on her viewers merits serious consideration. I'm going to go a step further and express my concern for the people in her social network. I don't think she's an immediate threat to their continued existence, but putting up with all of that hate and vitriol must be godawful.

    The one hitch with what's going on is I'm going on the premise that, despite her predatory mannerisms and creepy comments about young guys, she hasn't committed a crime.. If she has taken advantage of a young man or sexually assaulted anyone, then lock her up and throw away the damn key.

  25. This video is the best damaging critique

  26. 4 minutes ago n your talking about her mistakes racist … no this is venom for views, we’re 5 minutes deep- wow timing- venom! Your first point is the best critique ever- ok instamodels, yeah it’s true- if a woman is using her body as a commodity shit point 16 year old younger guy good point

  27. Hi! does anybody remember when Shallon called Selena a giant baby and how she hates people who looks like giants babies? Pls let me know the video it is on, I just remember my feeling of shame

  28. She's a woman a year shy of 40! Her nasty, disgusting mentality is entirely unbecoming for a woman her age. It's hilarious that she's so insecure about her actual age. You can easily look up the year she graduated high school and college. It shows that she will NEVER grow up and won't become self-aware. She's a bully and bullies always project their weaknesses onto others.

  29. It’s interesting because I am a fan of Shall-on. I always enjoyed the dating advice that she gave because it was pretty sound. But it’s also true that I always suspected that she isn’t following the advice that she gives and that she’s really mean to celebrities with little evidence other than the fact that she ‘worked for Star magazine’. I definitely think that her younger fans might not be able to look at the things she says with a critical perspective so she probably has a lot of people who idolize her, who buy into the things she says. And that’s pretty scary.
    What I would personally want from Shallon Lester in the future is that she should still be allowed to give dating advice, but that’s it. She shouldn’t be given the permission to say what she says about celebrities because she lacks information. She can’t have advice like ‘evil week’ where she taught women how to cheat and she shouldn’t be allowed to say blatantly evil shit about anyone. I think Shallon can definitely be empowering, but she shouldn’t bring people down in the process

  30. Just because somebody is 18 that does not mean they are fully ass grown adults and that they have fully consent to anything, smh

  31. All I can think is.. "Is that her real surname?"

    It's mint. I want it <.<

  32. Lets pray Shallon matures, understands what she has done. And GETS better..

    For soo long she has given punchy advice without being accountable for being catty.

    Being pulled up, is the blessing she needed. Quick!

  33. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ this woman

  34. Shallon is a prime example of an ephebophile and it’s damn time people pay more attention to this type of predator.

  35. I’m an actual practitioner of wicca and I wanna speak on behalf of all of us, people don’t use black magic unless absolutely necessary because it comes back to bite you in the ass and also, we don’t claim her

  36. Ok, I get all of the arguments against Shallon, but at this point any new videos on the subject are just riding the wave. It's looking desperate at this point.

  37. Shallon is a liar, manipulator, hypocrite, and has a victim mentality! Periodt! 😾

  38. You still have some mercy for her. I don’t. I hope she gets every bad comment she said on her conscience for ever

  39. Hey, I really liked your take on all of this! Her videos have gone too far.

  40. When it was revealed that she’s lying about her age as well… there was just a pit in my stomach. Obviously everything that’s come out about her is disturbing, but that just drove it home for me that she isn’t who she says she is. She was nearly 30 when she was overtly sexualizing a 15 year old boy…

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