Shallon Lester [Future on YouTube? Canceled? Rewired Soul? 🔮😱] Psychic Reading

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  1. Please understand that I have to be respectful 🙏🏾❤. I have my own opinions about Shallon Lester, but I don't agree of what she says.. Sending her love and light! Hopefully she can become a better person and spiritually evolve. She is in a low vibration in her life.

  2. Saw a vid of her talking about Zayn Malik, just nothing but negative vibes towards him! She talks like she knows Zayn and Gigi

  3. I just discovered your channel. She doesn't seem to have empathy. Could you please do a reading on Lilly Singh?

  4. This is America…or wherever you live

  5. "Shallon will still continue .. she has the strength card"

    Boom. 👌

    We can't cancel everyone on the mistakes they make we can educate them though.

  6. @Earth Angel thank you for the reading it was good and pretty on point .You are to kind.It's great seeing you. On a video she mentioned her son.Do you know if she has a son? I saw a comment where someone was saying she has said she didn't want children.I just feel her Karma that is coming she deserves.She has said such awful,vile,hateful, racists etc remarks.Making fun of people with mental illness is just going way to far .She just lies and gossips but in such a hateful manner.I just heard she has already lost over 10,000 subscribers.She said thumbs up,down,or any comments I make $ report me to YT I don't care they won't do anything.I'm surprised she hasn't been sued or taken down already.There are people especially young people taking her toxic advice.Anyway much love❤

  7. I dont think you change being attracted to minors…..

  8. Nobody should be allowed to be that ugly against selena or Pete. HUMAN KINDNESS

  9. Hope shes ok snd not too stressed by the way people hav jumped on

  10. This is so cool. Your so personable.. And comforting 😊

  11. Narcissists don't change.

  12. She's said she's very emotional, and talked about her insecurities in some of her videos, thanks for the reading, do you do personal readings for your followers? 🙂

  13. I absolutely love your unbiased and objective statements. I think Shallon has done and said a lot of bad things, but I also think she is very charismatic and funny. I appreciate your kind and nonjudgmental approach. And I believeee she has had a traumatic childhood with her dad leaving her and dying from suicide…I believe. Unless that isn't true either.

  14. She didnt lie when she said she's a witch. That woman spreads alots of hate and lies on her chanel. I can't believe people are listening to her.

  15. Well she did speak about on one of her videos sending a "witchy curse" to someone. And bragged about the person's brother getting cancer and committing suicide. Also, I want to state that as a witch myself I have prayed to Hekate(considered a Dark Goddess) and Lucifer but in no way would I ever cast a curse on anyone. It is just something that is not in my spirit. So, not all witches are the same. Just saying… Great Video!!

  16. Another great reading! My eyes have definitely been opened. I actually have another reading suggestion I’m very curious about. I’d love for you to do one on Caitlyn Jenner. Whether she lied in her book about Kris knowing her identity, how she’s angry that the Kardashians kids abandoned her after she spoke about Kris, even though she abandoned her other children when she married Kris. She blames Kris from keeping her from her kids and hoarding money, but I heard she was getting herself into debt before Kris and couldn’t manage money. I’ve always actually seen Cait as a really mean and angry person, I understand why, but she never seems to acknowledge her part to play in the destruction of her relationships. Would be interesting to see a reading. Her and Khloe also have a very broken relationship.

  17. She’s also seems to have multiple personality what’s do you think?

  18. I hope shallon’s channel gets banned. It’s very toxic environment and unhealthy for people to watch. It’s like watching the devil preach.

  19. Yes I watched some of her videos and her vibes were just weird and off.. she’s very aggressive like you said it seems to me that she did not have a healthy childhood and now she is letting go and venting on her channel. I feel really bad for her. I also wish her the best and she needs to accept the fact that she needs to get help and fast 🙁

  20. I like how kind you were in this video given how hostile everyone is feeling towards her rn, sometimes we shouldn’t meet negativity with even more negativity

  21. she deserves to be sued honestly

  22. Wow🤯 honestly I don’t even know who she is! all I know is she talks bad about people!.All I can say is karma is real!

  23. When u said her insecurities I thought the same wow

  24. Hey! What is this deck called, that you use? I’ve seen you use it a lot now, and I really love it, actually! That’s why I’m asking.

  25. I really don’t like her at all 😣

  26. She is so out there that s am surprised that no one has filed a suit against her yet.🤤

  27. The weirdest thing is yesterday I had a vision of you doing a reading on her then I dismissed it like nah she'd never do a vid on Shallon…THEN BOOM

  28. Personally… I hope she gets sued and then maybe she'll be more careful what she says!

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