‘s… Taeyeon Concert in Seoul (Kihno) – Cover Up

Girl I can’t cover up my heart ❤️

‘s… Taeyeon Concert held at Jamsil Arena on October 20/21, 2018.

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  1. Damn I love her! ACKKKK TAENGGOOOOO

  2. I love her dedication and stamina to sing all the songs live. I fucking love this song, it's so beautiful I cry whenever this comes on.

  3. Taeyeon concert Marathon!!!~ Let's goooooo

  4. Gosh. The SONES are loud!!!

  5. Taeyeon❤❤😘

  6. Idk why but everytime I listen to this song, I can’t help but to think that snsd could’ve sung this song.

  7. Taeyeon fan of psg club? 😱

  8. I just noticed, Taeyeon's outfit looks like a flag of the Philippines. 🥰

  9. いつも最高のパフォーマンスありがとう!

  10. Brunette Taeyeon, best Taeyeon

  11. Wow the dancer of Sunmi who got a fancam its here, so pretty and such a good dancer😍❤❤

  12. Taeyon Concert Marathon 😂

  13. 金 妳完蛋了 妳会沒工作的 真笨 😞😒😶😟😦我的天啊

  14. 역시 소녀시대 멤버라 그런가 댄스곡도 잘 소화하네~

  15. i will forever be your fans

  16. The more she's getting older the more she's getting Beautiful ❤️

  17. WOW I can't believe that she had depression now

  18. One of my favorite Taeyeon songs! thanks!

  19. 태연짱~~ 영원히 팬이 될께~^*^

  20. I love the back dancer so much 😍

  21. She's so amazing and have a super duper great performance.She's perfect and living legend!..
    How i love enjoying her perf.

  22. taeyeon very nice song you are reading health greetings to your mouth.

  23. i like miss tatoo dancer ^+^

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