Rob [give it to me right] WARNING! too hot to handle!

READ DESCRIPTON!!! 1. Won the 3rd place on “HOT Robert Pattinson Video Contest” 2.rate this video ONLY if u like it motherfucker -____- 3.Guys pls dont ask …


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  1. Love this Video but can't get to watch it on my iPad. It is even missing from your list of videos. I think you should upload it again!

  2. I was looking everywhere for this one!!! Missed this beauty, thanks 🙂

  3. at 54 seconds…. I bet she was just screaming on the inside. 'OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG'

  4. Excellent Job !!! I love this video. Can i ask you something ? What is the song heard at the end of the video? 🙂 Greeting from Argentina 🙂


  6. Pure gorgeousness. That is all.

  7. amazing job really awesome work i subbed xxx

  8. thanks!!! cold shower is needed 😉

  9. madre mia … por dios este video me encanta (L)

  10. me encanta (LL) casi me corr…

  11. @SharaPattz yeah I wanna know too !

  12. When can I find the part of Tyra in 0:46 ??? *w*


  14. I love this video sooo much!!! i watch it about 100 times…totaly obsessed…><
    i cant help myself is not my fault is robs cuz he is so gorđs!!!!!!!! ^^

  15. This is just too hot. I can't handle it. I'm like sweating. lol

  16. HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL! Oh wait….it's too late for that. 😉

  17. Wow! I'm really not a Robert's fan, but this video is really beautifull. I always say that he has a wonderfull eyes. Briliant!

  18. oh my! glad i've seen this .. lol .. love it! its great .. and rob is so gorgeous

  19. This video is so HOT the min 1:54 it's so hard 😉 u know what i mean jijiji

  20. Loved the video emisoad. You showed his best features. I just really respect Rob and the movies he makes. Yes, he is and foremost a human being who is an actor(a great one I might add). I do think he is very sexy too. That is not being obsessed with him though. You can be a fan of his and still be respectful of him and his privacy/space. There is those few who take it to far with their obsession, but I have only seen a few and no one here seems to be that way. It's all in fun.

  21. LOL, that's a deleted scene from Twilight.

  22. Hey there! Thanks a lot for the warning – I basically melted down on my keyboard…and it took me a whole lot of time to pull myself together again! Damn he is truly too hot to handle. But still absolutely worth it!!! *swoon* <3 <3 <3

  23. how is it possible for someone to be so hot?
    great video!
    where is the clip at 0:46 from?

  24. Omg! it is me or its to hot here? LOVEEEEEEEEEE ITTTT!!!

  25. I think your video is great, good editing.

  26. @bestfriendsallways im just a normal fan from him. i like him. but im not obsessed or something like that.
    i just made this video because i like him and i love to create vids.

  27. omg how hot is this video. 140-1.42 should have a warning label. I must stop watching it…..*thud*……

  28. OMFG!!! I JUSE DIED!!
    How can it be legal to be that gorgeous?! They should band it! He's like… soooo sexy and sooo perfect! MAN!

    *watches video… gasp!… eyes widen… can't breath… falls out of my chair… FAINTS!!!… Bye world*

  29. ocd,ocd,ocd..obsesive cullen disorder….omg,, sooooo hot, great video ,great song, love rob.

  30. WOW!! Love it!! I swear, he just takes my breath away…I mean…DAMN!!

  31. OMFG!!! I JUST DIED!!! I literally just died!!!
    I live him sooooooo fucking much!! NO words can describe it!!! <3

    *can't breath*

  32. OMFG!!!! I JUST DIED!!! I seriously just DIED!!
    i love him sooooo fucking much! no words can describe it!!! <3

    *can't breath*

  33. OMG its hot !! i freaking loved it !!!!

  34. OMG I love him soooo much!

  35. Personally, I go for smart men. It's obvious that Pattinson isn't very smart, since he smokes. I could even go so far as to say that he's really pretty stupid.

  36. OMG I JUST DIED…HAHAHAH….how can one man be so…sooo…. *faints* 😉

  37. i actually felt myself go weak at the knees. no man should look like this!!! Greal job on the video.

  38. uumm… y is everyone freaking out?hes not hot and hes always got his stupid tongue hanging out like a dog or something.

  39. Oh,my…he's sooooo handsome!

  40. желанный)))
    успокойте моё сердце)

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