13 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Using Amazon Echo Dot in Singapore

  1. Thanks for this review!
    Do you need to connect to any cellphone for it to work?
    Also can we say something in English and ask for Chinese translation (and vice versa)?

    Thank you

  2. Can it answer follow up questions? Like in context with your previous question in Singapore.
    eg. "Who is this person" and then asking "What are they known for" and things like that without activating it with "Alexa" again.

  3. I use an Amazon fire stick that I bought in India that I now use in Singapore. It's practically good only for YouTube and that too using an internet browser as Amazon took away the use of YouTube through a built in app. After watching this video, I feel that Echo is also partially functional in Singapore and it is such a loss of opportunity.

    I tried Google home at a friend's and might shift to Chromecast and Google home as it complements with my Android phone.

    Thanks for the video

  4. Hi, so you are from Singapore right? How are you able to make a US iTunes account? Maybe you could do a tutorial or something? Tysm <3

  5. Really useful review dude, thank you. Ordered mine! How do you set up the link to the television though? Do you need to get specific TVs?

  6. Does this mean that I can just plug into a normal 3 pin plug Samsung charger for power Supply? Thanks in advance for the help!

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