Responding to the Criticism…

Today I discuss some of the recent comments on my channel. ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ LINKS ▷ LEMON CARTON MERCH …


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  1. I simply love your personality, you really are so wholesome to watch. I wish I could participate on twitch, however time is not on my side. I mean you usually stream from 5 to 9am my time. And sry not my time to watch twitch 😀

  2. Looking at the twitch chat in that video I do agree that youtubers need to do what they enjoy most but I think the peopl need to stop looking down on others who do not like the change or new content and go seperate ways/unsub. It's normal and natural to dislike things in life, so don't be like "I don't understand these people, the new content is great, how dare you not let Joinen change".

  3. Never been to your twitch but I love your content of all🤷🏻‍♀️🖤 I do plan on joining though 🖤

  4. aaaah, I didn't know blair also used to make reddit content, I always wondered how she ended up in sad milk since I learned about them, now that makes more sense xD

    and I think you made the right decission, hope it'll work out well 🙂 even if I'm gonna miss the old content xD but most of the new is very fun too^^

  5. I'm actually watching all of your new videos now instead of watching like one or two a month. I'm glad you've changed directions 😁

  6. Pewdiepie still plays games, unlike Joinen who just completely changed content. It's just boring.

  7. I think most of us just like your personality. I usually watch your videos in the morning right when i get up as im prepping for the day just cuz you're so chill and casual and its a nice start to the day lol

  8. I subscribed for old content and stayed for new content like blind geo guesser

  9. Honestly you should have started a new channel and kept the old

  10. I love your vibe joinen stay frosty

  11. I actually review Doritos on my channel.. whats wrong with reviewing Doritos? I love Doritos!
    Well, some Doritos. MOST Doritos. Thats why you gotta review them.

  12. Ngl, Im keen for the dorito reviews

  13. My favourite Joinen content was the old old stuff, before the reaction era. I liked the troom troom/animated story reaction stuff – but I did find myself somewhat less interested the more it went on. I like the new direction

  14. I have joined the twitch streams only once, and that's because I somehow managed to pull off an all-nighter and stayed up until 5 AM in my time zone, which is the time that the stream usually starts. I would love to join the streams as well more often, and it should be a reason to fix my sleep schedule (I'm a night person). Though YouTube videos are still amazing, and take away the fear of missing out by including the twitch chat as well. I too, have subscribed for Joinen, not for troom troom videos.

  15. I think you are so brave and your new content is amazing ❤️

  16. I started following Joinen less than a year ago after some random video was recommended to me. I enjoyed his personality, so I followed.

    His videos were the reason I downloaded and started using twitch. And since then, I’ve branched out so far beyond his streams on twitch. It’s such a fun platform.

    As someone new enough to twitch that I can remember the before time, would I have enjoyed this change if I hadn’t joined in on the twitch life?? Idk… I can see why people wouldn’t enjoy it. YT is passive. Twitch is interactive. It’s just different and a different audience.

    But my advice is that if you liked his content before but feel iffy about it now, join the stream! They’re so much fun.

    And can I also say, the poor guy in his old videos… when he would stream, he’d put on such an act for the portions that were for the video. Now when he streams, he’s just having fun. Everyone out here saying his old content is better is asking someone to feel stuck and stifled in their job for your own entertainment. And that’s just kind of horrible. Let the man grow and make what he wants.

    (Also, geez, how many troom troom reactions can you people possible watch?! It’s tired, man.)

  17. I didn't really even notice the change (Ofc I kinda did but not really) I just watch your content for you and your humor so yeah

  18. I think if they want you to make the content they wanna see, they should look up similar videos on YouTube. Because it’s your channel and you should do what makes you happy. They need to stahpit. I’m an og subscriber, not on twitch. I’m too old for all that. But I love anything JOINEN puts out. I love him and his content. He’s amazing.

  19. Also, subscribers come & go. Can't let it get to you.

  20. To be honest I usually watch the videos on YouTube. I'd like to watch the Twitch stream but it comes on kinda late where I am & I tend to forget to tune in lol.

  21. Im so glad you changed it up. Tbh i had stopped watching your videos cause it was getting stale. It was great to see that you noticed it and wanted to change it up, cause i immediately came back then

  22. I unsubbed after repeated Troom Troom and that type of stuff, just found you again and subbed again! Excited to enjoy your content again!

  23. Tbh… I was recommended to when it was all TroomTroom and really enjoyed it… So… I'm not around anymore… Just personal opinion, very respectfully. Regards

  24. Honestly I'm really happy he went a shift in content change because I've been subscribed for 2 years and I'm LOVING the new content so much and tbh I did start avoiding his troom troom videos after awhile, I did enjoy Dharr Man tho, but the Raft content and the bitlife and everything else he's done so far I'm LOVING

  25. Ok ok ok. So. Iilluminaughty watches Joinen???? Firstly omg yes a person of taste and secondly my favourite YouTube community (sad milk) and JOINEN just collided

    Also go subscribe to sad milk and everyone in it

  26. Another thing with the “did you lose weight?” comment: be super careful if you ever say something like that or comment on someone’s weight in general. Not only can it just be a risky thing to say or make things awkward, it can legitimately harm people, specifically people with eating disorders or issues with body image. It’s just not necessary or worth this risk to comment on someone’s weight, especially someone you aren’t close to. Even if you think it’s a good comment, it may not be good for everyone.

  27. Honestly, I like the new content more. It gets a little repetitive when it’s just troom troom videos and life hack videos. There’s nothing wrong with them every once in a while, though. You also just seem so much more bright and happy with the new content and being able to interact with fans more.

  28. I was watching Joinen for a long time before I subscribed… I liked the troom troom videos but i didn't want to see them every day. It wasn't until after i saw the video about what he was doing and seeing the new content I subscribed because I was excited to see new things every day rather then the same old stuff.
    ALSO i love being on twitch when i can, and seeing my own name in the video like "THATS ME!!" It's a fun time… even if its rare bc time zones haha.

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