RED FLAGS FROM JUSTIN & HAILEY: How Much Work Should A Relationship Really Be & When To Break Up

#JustinBieber and Hailey Baldwin have ben fighting public again, which made me wonder: how much work should a relationship REALLY be? And when do you know it’s become toxic and it’s time to break up or get divorced? I’ll tell you the red flags from Hailey & Justin’s romance!

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  1. For me uncondiscional love is parents's love and God's love, between couple it's another story.

  2. Honestly I don't think Hailey and Justin will last. I think he married her because she's "pretty" and strokes his ego.

  3. I suspected my husband always texting a lady on his phone , We’ve been married for 18 years, we’ve both been happy together until recently when he switched side and I found out he has been cheating .I explained my story to a colleague at work then she introduced me to this genuine hacker, Darkwebprohacker who gave me access to his phone , I had complete access to his phone right on my own device and I could see all his activities for the past 2years and also have access to new notifications, his text messages, Facebook messages,location, call logs, and I found out my husband was also flirting on dating sites..I love my husband a lot and I still don’t understand why he betrayed me, I have been a good hardworking wife and never for once cheated on him. I tracked him down and found out he was always going to sleep in another woman’s house with me thinking my husband is always at work for night shift. You can contact this great hacker who helped me found out the truth about my husband at darkwebprohack(at)gmail com or Whats app +17076225057 or text and call them directly on the same number.They helped me get access into his phone without even touching his phone.I have enough evidence against my husband and I am thinking of Filing for divorce.I want advice if I should give him another chance or let go ?We have 2 kids together. It's a painful feeling but I believe things happen in life it comes as it goes, as it says what doesn't kills makes you stronger.

  4. Oh God lady , you talk way to much.

  5. The meaning of compromise is both people get what is acceptable for both.

  6. Shallon the queen ❤️

  7. Didn’t you make pedophilloic remarks about him when he was FIFTEEN?! YOU WERE 25!!

  8. Will never forget a time I talked to my ex (who was current then) about how I would leave if he ever cheated or if we broke up I wouldn’t be able to go back after he’d been with other girls, he said (with a smile) “nooo I think I could go over there or over here or do something and you’d take me back.” In that moment, I’d never felt more misunderstood, underestimated and FOOLISH! Like, I literally was so devoted to him he was convinced he could mistreat me and take me back. He wasn’t totally wrong, either, but our final breakup in August definitely kicked it for good. I love the block feature on iPhones, god bless it!!!!

  9. Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber are in a narcissistic relationship dynamic.

  10. Could u do Shane and ryland?

  11. You look like Jane Seymour 😍🥰

  12. How many bedrooms does that apartment have?? I’m sure you’re in a different sleep chamber in every video lol!! Loving the new ‘do’. What happened with the boyfriend (i just saw you crying in a previous post, saying he was coming over later that day)? I hope its all worked out for the good 🥰🌟❤️

  13. You need to write a book!!!!!

  14. Shallon, I love you and I'm a huge fan but I don't like the way you talk about addicts (or in this case, ex addicts) sometimes. I know that you understand that it is a mental health condition, and I know you understand what pushes people to these points. I love your tough love narrative, but I feel like you need to express more empathy on this specific topic because there is already such a lack of empathy towards addicts and ex-addicts in our society, and they are one of the most discriminated against groups, and often don't even seek health care because of the discrimination.

  15. Talk about kylie jenner and jordyn woods relationship…on the last season she mentioned J was her security blanket

  16. Am the only one who doesn’t think she’s that attractive.

  17. You are the human incarnation of Britney Spears' Dump Him babydoll t-shirt. I stan.

  18. I feel really bad for her now. It sounds like she's a co-dependent.

  19. Pretty sure you are my soul sister.

  20. How can one assume how many people Hailey slept with? Girls can sleep around too. 👏🏻

  21. He actually – if you had done your research…. said he wanted to get married because he wanted to have sex

  22. Tana Mongeau's relationship analysis plz!!!!!!

  23. I am watching all of your videos and love you. amazing

  24. my mom and dad were arranged married, they only spoke to each other in a phone and saw each other on their wedding day. 20+ years still going strong! no prenup nothing hah

  25. Girl, your hair looks f*cking fabulous!!!

  26. Omgosh!! It's about you all the dam time. You get off the subject all the time.. you give me anxiety just on how fast u talk… lady get a life PLEASE..

  27. strategic retreat. release w love. this woman is smart.

  28. Do you know Lauren Conrad

  29. Love you shallon, this is what I needed xxx

  30. You HAVE to be selfish in your sobriety. I love you to death but wise up a little on that subject before you mock. That hurt my heart… and everything I’ve learned about staying sober.

  31. Honestly, I like watching your videos but I feel like when it comes to mental illnesses, personality disorders etc you are very unprofessional and potentially hurt your viewers for no reason. That stuff is sensitive area for many and shouldn't be addressed like that.
    And no, that doesn't have anything to do with "Well, it's just that they can't take it, I am allowed to talk any way I want to." Well, yes but at the same time you're kind of insulting everyone in your fanbase who belongs to your fandom and suffers from a mental/personality disorder/illness and if they want to watch you as fans, this is really how you can hurt people. Same goes with depression. What you do is define a person by their illness which is a no-go to get to know the person anyway. And having friends with depression myself, I can say that they have just as much to offer as any other healthy person. They are wonderful personalities and had relationships and really try in their lives, with or without help to a point where I feel like they are really growing alongside their illness.
    So yeah. It's just my point of view of this and my personal feedback to you

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