22 thoughts on “RED FLAGS FROM JORDYN'S INTERVIEW: How To Spot A Liar & Manipulative People | Shallon Lester

  1. I had a lady in a wheelchair try to fight me (on god) and you bet your ass I called her a fucking asshole! She WAS and idgaf! I call it like I see it! (I think she was high too, I was at a bus stop minding my own business and she came at me 🙄 so glad I have a car now 😆😆😆

  2. May I add in just one more thing that people do at the house/after party? There is always the person trying to become BFF with the owners cat or dog 😂

  3. Literally here after your Demi Lovato Dancing with the Devil because of your mention on this video being the main one that caused your channel to boom. Deeper dive into the psychology of when celebrities gaslight their fans. LOVE YOU SHALLON

  4. 🤦‍♀️ I don’t know which is worse…. Your friend screwing your man or the fact that she said,”I was trying to protect her!” Or “He kissed me!” Or “I don’t remember… it was a little hazy all I remember is him kissing me bye!” 🤨🧐 😂 Girl… you ain’t fooling anybody…you know what you did!
    Hell, it’s all out in the open now…we all know what happened…. might as well be honest about it!

  5. "You'll probably be like your friends and probably like the same guys" 😄😄😄

    Me: introvert, tee shirt and jeans, girl next door type that likes tan guys with dark hair and a little facial scruff. Sucker for abs.

    My friend: beautiful and edgy almost alternative glam style. Likes pale skinny guys that wear eyeliner or black hair with blue eyes.

  6. Or they went to support the black reporters but we can't do that huh???? And those tears were because her whole family was getting death threats after that happen. Let us see your demeanor after you and your family can't leave the house and receiving death threat!!!

  7. I never liked Jordyn before the scandal with Tristan erupted, idk I just found her boring. Maybe the attention Tristan showed her made her feel seen and she couldn't help herself?We all know weak women sorry people like this. She did Khloe a favor by exposing his ass but the b***h took him back anyway. I do think Jordyn is in a better head space now and maybe one day she will tell us the real, real truth.

  8. I really love how similar Shallon and I are, the only difference is I feel like Shallon gives better explanations than I do haha. I always felt that Jordyn wasn't telling the full story wholeheartedly plus her facial expressions in the video really did seem nonchalant. I have nonchalant facial expressions sometimes but I don't know if it's because I was hurt by a lot of people I was so use to that and when I experience problems I have no facial expressions or maybe it's my calm personality that hides the pain. I do feel empathy for people but not towards my dad or narcissists in general because of what my dad has put me through and his manipulation towards me and my mom and I always felt like at times he would lie about certain things because he would seem confident in what his responses are but you would feel like it's a fishy story to begin with (long story with daddy issues). All of my wisdom I really do gain it from getting your perspectives on things, especially things I didn't necessarily think of until you mentioned it which makes sense but for the most part we do think alike. I just really appreciate your feedback and your common sense on whatever the situation is, its like the more I learn from you the better I can detect certain people's true character. Back in high school I was pretty naive and gullible but now that I'm 21 years old and comparing myself from back then and now I feel like I have a better knowledge to things than before 100% most definitely. Btw I love your channel! and thank you for commenting on my instagram when I tagged you about Kourtney and Addison hanging out. They certainly gain knowledge from each other and they seem like they have a great friendship considering that they kinda started being friends not too long ago haha. Nonetheless, I love how you give your honesty and perspective on the reality of things rather than sugar coating shit. Love you for being true to yourself! @shallonlester

  9. Yes, I think Jordyn got it worse because of both her gender AND RACE. This is why so many black women took up for her even though we disagreed with the morality of her actions. We saw her being discarded and being dragged so viciously by women (the Kardash-Jenners) who are constantly stealing other womens' men…. and intuitively, I think many of us (black women) KNEW that race was playing a part. At the same time, HOWEVER I don't appreciate her intentionally playing the race card to try to gain sympathy. It was a very calculated move.

    HOWEVER , as someone mentioned in the comments, Jordyn has always been "biracial" BUT when it became convenient for her, she invoked her blackness to draw sympathy. We would've given her our sympathy and protection without her tryna to manipulate us into doing it. I hope that makes sense. But now that I look back and analyze the calculated nature of the red table talk (sitting with Will and Jada) who are Black A-list superstars who had a protective relationship with Jordyn, her invoking the black card, her being misleading and omissive…..just yuck.

    It's so fucking complicated being black …let me tell you.

    *and for the record I generally HATE the terminology "playing the race card" it implies manipulative motives and using race for sympathy….which in turn, dismissively implies that there is no real racial issue or factor….and it plays into the ongoing narrative that black people are always playing the victim for personal gain or handouts.

  10. Ugly truth is that u are the most toxic human .. ur racist n bash others n then u talk about mental health …

  11. Here's the deal; Jordyn got caught up fucking with her friends baby daddy. Then when she realized she was about to get dragged, she pulled out every excuse in the book. My thing is if you're so uncomfortable around this man then why were you with him all night? She knew how the Kardashians were looked at by the Black Community and she used it against them. Even tho Khloe & Tristan are back together. It's all a big ass mess.

  12. You know what? This happens everyday. Probably several times a day, with several people all around the world. The difference is that their famous, and everybody and their mothers have an opinion.
    But I’m all for it.

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