I filmed a very real review of what i thought of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix and also went over all the SIMILARITIES and DIFFERENCES between the two reality tv shows. I hope you guys enjoy and i love hearing all your thoughts and input too! Leave me comments what you think 🙂



ps. I hope Harry and Francesca end up staying together. They make a cute couple


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    මේ පැත්තේ ක්රියාත්මක වන පරිදි මිය..

  2. Love Island had this adorable yummy lil blonde…I think her name was Elizabeth. I really liked her!

  3. I saw love Iland on my swedish tv channel, it was so good wish you and zac get back together because you where so cute!!

  4. why didnt love island USA season 1 go on hulu. bc season 2 is

  5. Can u and zac get back together🥺🥺🥺 lol

  6. There is only one good narrator and that is David Attenbourgh 🙂

  7. You are my favorite character in love island USA 😋 live from India

  8. Youre so sweet I really loved everyone on the show but you Zach stole my heart! So sad you guys didnt work it out Liz

  9. Ur so gorgeous ily!!💕

  10. You're wonderful, and I love your content. I wish you would produce more reviews and updates or even like random rants or ideas. You won Love Island, in part, because people just like you. Just being yourself on camera is enough when yourself is as cool as you, so get on camera more, please?

  11. Are you and zac still together🙃?btw I love you so much ❤️

  12. I’m wondering, do you want cbs to rerun your season because you’ll get $$$?? Or do you not make money off of episodes being aired? I obviously wouldn’t mind seeing the season again I loved that a US version was made, but I’m just curious

  13. I think that growth over time and seeing bonds form in Love Island is even more special for us viewers because it’s being seen in almost real time. We were getting episodes the day after everything happened, so we really felt involved! That’s why it’s so great!

  14. Just started watching Love Island during the quarantine and it has put me in a summer mood. And the way you said Man butts 😂

  15. I watched love island USA and started watching love island uk and imma be honest, love island uk is problematic, most contestants are rude and SOOOO much sexism and slut shaming it’s disgusting. I liked love island USA more because people were less nasty and I don’t recall any slut shaming? Maybe they cut it off but the cast was better. Then too hot to handle came, I liked the show, too short for my liking lol, but I appreciated that they talked about sex freely with no judgement, no slut shaming, nothing. I think love island USA is better. I really felt like telling my opinion about this cuz it’s so hard to watch love island UK.

  16. Are you and zac back together

  17. I didn’t really like relationship reality show but then too hot to handle and I finished in one day and I search I saw like two hot to handle and love island came up and I love both of them

  18. this is so accurate and i’ve been rooting for you since day one of the show!!

  19. too hot to handle tried way too hard to be like love island, and it didn't work

  20. The only good thing about Too Hot To Handle is that they have people from around the world together which is a good thing. But that’s it lol

  21. u were kinda a bitch during this lol

  22. just wondering how r things going w u and zack?? are u back together??

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