Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Raffles Hotel, Singapore’s first luxury hotel, a tour of my staycation during Coronavirus times, post 2017-2019 refurbishments. The Pablo Neruda Palm Court …

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  1. Love your videos I am thinking of coming here after the coronavirus

    Is the minibar free

  2. Has anyone else noticed how when Europeans go somewhere they take over. This country has a beauty all its own. So does Raffles have a English garden. You go different places to experience its culture so these hotels should be influenced by where they are located. And they can still cater to the people who think they are supposed to catered too because they have so much money. But I guess the only way they can get those perks is too pay for it. I still want to know where the beach is if this is a beach hotel.

  3. Hi MrK! Which would you say is best between Raffles or Fullerton Bay Hotel? Or would you say split time between the two for different experiences?

  4. Great to have you back doing reviews Mr K! Stay safe.

  5. No Cricket this time on tv 🙁 why

  6. Hi Mr K, loved this video of the iconic Raffles. I have visited on a couple of occasions but never had the opportunity to stay but will be doing so with my son during our visit next year. I have always found the staff to be a little aloof and not that welcoming. I would be interested to know your thoughts on this.

  7. After long time i see you here,all the time i love your video and presentation.Great.

  8. Hello, may I ask you, what do you do for a living?

  9. 5 star video! thanks for your hard work and efforts…walking us from end to end of the pool. we were right there with you. stay safe in SG. cheers from Macau.

  10. Hello MrKesavaraj, I got the Sony video camera FDR-AX33. It's a very good camera. In the next year I go to Singapore, perhaps. I visit the Singapore Zoo and perhaps the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. 2017 I was there, nice places.

  11. Stayed there one year ago. Great memories, great experience – Great video! Thx!

  12. Stayed there way back in c1984 and loved it. That was prior to the extensive renovations. Since then have visited many times. An amazing hotel steeped in history.

  13. Any inside tips for my stay? Am checking in for a staycation next month utilising "The Suite Life" offer they are running.

  14. Mr Kesavaraj

     Thanks you for this new vidéo .
    I want to speak about Penang .
    It's in the north-west of Malaysia near Thailand border .
    There is a big indian and chinese community living together.

    It's a really interesting place in south of Asia .
    Maybe , we will see Mr Kesavaraj in Penang one day ?…


  15. I miss you great man

  16. The BEST Hotel in Singapore! Fully recommended!

  17. Hi, love this place. So nice to retreat here after going round ultra modern Singapore. You're a man who knows hotels, do you prefer the modern luxury hotels or places like this? Or do hold no preference. They've got steel sports Rolexs, blimey they're pretty hard to get hold of at the moment.

  18. Hello from Egypt ،💐💐💐

  19. You are amazing man ☺️
    So sweet
    I love all videos so nice 😍

  20. Sir dnt u hv instagram acoount

  21. Do you approve of the renovation in the rooms etc?
    Does it really show a lot different?

  22. Will you be visiting Dubai any time soon?

  23. Good to see you back Mr. K. We had a look around Raffles Hotel when we were last in Singapore 2 years back. Re-furbishment was just being finished. A truly beautiful hotel with grand history. We didn't get to see the lobby at that time or inside a room…so many thanks for showing this. Hope to see more of your videos now your back with us. Take care. Harry

  24. MrK, who gives a flying f#ck about the wall of fame the important thing is MrK is a guest ; ). Happy you are well and providing new looks at a beautiful city. Cheers!

  25. Superb hotel… Kind of refreshing from the standard contemporary designed hotels. Plus the samosas looked nice… Was the green sauce spicey? Lol

  26. wow.. beautiful vlog 🙂

  27. Great video Mr K! Watched the full 1hr :), hopefully I can stay in Raffles Hotel one day

  28. Looks like a great hotel… closed when I visited 2018. May revisit SG next year as part of graduation treat!

  29. Mr K following your channel for many years and loved your videos around the world specially videos of Singapore City my favorite. I was there last year in June with my family. In this video when 2 ladies came walking just in front of you and you immediately move your camera to you … Hat's off to your behavior. This shows your great up bringing brother. Was Fan of your personality before but after this Big Fan of yours. Stay blessed.

  30. U always bring us to the best. Luv your langkawi and sabah work

  31. Been a while, nice to finally have a hotel video from you Mr K! Awesome review, I'm looking forward to more! Stay healthy, stay safe! 😃

  32. Good comeback, Raffles was one of the 1st videos I watched.

  33. I was supposed to be at Raffles in April, cancelled because of COVID fortunately got a refund – are they giving residents a discount rate to stay there?

  34. Food looks good Mr K you look like you had a nice weekend away, hope you poured yourself a G and T

  35. Nice to see you back, hope you are keeping safe and well ! 😊

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