Pyramid Solitaire Card Game Rules

If you are looking to switch up your solitaire crippled, then try a unlike version. Pyramid, besides called Solitaire 13, is a solitaire card game with very simple rules. It is easy to learn and takes equitable a few minutes to play each hired hand. It is perfective when you have barely a few minutes to kill .

Like traditional solitaire, the crippled is played with one actor and a standard 52-card deck ; the finish is to removal all of the cards from the pyramid .

How to Setup the Game

The frame-up of the game is one of the key things that is different about this translation from the original translation. As usual, shuffle the pack of cards. Deal cards to form a pyramid, starting with a row of 1 card, followed by a row of two cards, and thus on, gloomy to a row of 7 cards. Each course should overlap the former matchless. The pyramid will include a total of 28 cards when complete. The remaining cards are set on the mesa face down to form the puff throng .


unwrap cards from the draw stack, one at a time. If a card from the drawing card down is not used, it should be covered up by the adjacent menu from the pull pile. It can be used late in the game, but entirely if it gets exposed because any draw stack cards on circus tent of it are able to be discarded .

When two exposed cards total 13, they can be discarded. ( This is why this interpretation of the game is sometimes referred to as Solitaire 13. ) Discarding is always optional, and there may be times when it is a better tactical choice not to discard .

Cards in the pyramid are exposed if no cards are overlapping them. only one wag from the draw atomic pile is exposed at any given time in the game ( the most holocene draw stack poster to be turned up is the entirely card from the draw pile that ‘s exposed ) .

For exemplar, if a 9 and a 4 are both exposed in the pyramid, they can be discarded. If a 5 is exposed in the pyramid and an 8 is exposed after being turned up from the pull down, they can be discarded .

Card Values

Aces are deserving 1, jacks are deserving 11, queens are worth 12, and kings are worth 13. Kings can be discarded as a individual card.

Some potential discard combinations :

  • King: As a single card
  • Queen + an ace
  • Jack + No. 2 card
  • No. 10 card + No. 3 card
  • No. 9 card + No. 4 card
  • No. 8 card + No. 5 card
  • No. 7 card + No. 6 card

Draw Pile Alternate Version

alternatively of revealing cards from the string pile one at a meter, reveal them in sets of three. The first set of three is laid on the table to start with three discrete piles. When future draw are made, the three fresh cards are spread over these three piles. The order in which cards are placed on the piles should remain changeless throughout the game .

How to Win the Game

You win the game when all of the cards have been removed from the pyramid or when the draw batch has been exhausted, whichever happens first .

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