22 thoughts on “possibility for a SEASON TWO for THE KING ETERNAL MONARCH? // possible plot of TKEM Season 2??

  1. I wished to see the minute details of the daily lives of Lee Gon and Jeoung Tae-ul up to the point where they grew old together so I am all for a Season Two. However, if we look at the history of dramas in Korea, barely do they produce a sequel so I think it will be a long, long wait.

  2. The public are very eager for
    Season 2 we are praying that the cast on season-1 should be the cast on season-2 because they all
    Good actors and actresses and the same scprit

  3. To be or not to be….that is the question!!! good summation of the pros and cons….but we cling to the idea….that anything is plausible….

  4. all i can say is…. it will be nice if there is a season 2 of TKEM AND GOBLIN… but they has to be more beautiful and realistic that will surpass the season 1 of each title….I LOVE THEM BOTH… TKEM AND GOBLIN..!!!!

  5. It would be up to the producers to decide if a season 2 could be possible. It would take another 30 _ 50 billion won again to make another season of this mAgnitude considering that both talent fees of LMH and KGE have both gone up since last yr due to their bankabilities and demand for them have also doubled. Aside from the budget and the script, availabilty of all the stars must be taken into much consideration because it would be harder to put them up all together again in one setting since they have all been busy.
    I would love to know that there would be a sequel to tkem but i will not keep my hope high because i have to accept the fact that it would be difficult to do it again. I just want a different drama or movie starring kge and lmh together. A love story with much love and hugging and kissing for both. Haha.

  6. Hoping and Praying🙏🙏🙏 that their will be a season 2 of the TKEM💖💖💖I love them both gorgeous KGE and good looking LMH💖💖💖

  7. Wow, I like your view of point in showing us the possibility of Season 2. Season 1 are great and even the actor and actresses but like what you have said.. there are so many questions about it. But, nevertheless, I love the season 1, I've been watching it for 10 times or more. 😊😍

  8. You're exactly right,,,,there's still a lot of untold story of their love. Did they just travel back & forth on each other's world until they grew old,,
    no wedding ring,,or is it difficult for them to officially announce JTE as the Queen due to her counterpart persona in KOC has criminal records.

    Either way a lot of people will be broken hearted if there's no season 2 (or more) of TKEM. We want to see a royal wedding and the completion of the Royal Ancestral Shrine. We want to know the 5 remaining rules (of the 17 rules) of JTE To LG. With the open ending from the writer it will be easier for her to write the script for season 2.

  9. I think they do get married because at the end of episode 16 she’s going through their suitcase looking for her binyeo (hairpin) which is worn by married women in the Joseon era.

  10. I want it….i want it…..i want it…..i want it……i want it…..i want it…..i DAMN WANT ITTTTTTT…………😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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